Give Us A Sign NFL’s Latest Move To Humiliate Players

Updated: July 16, 2008


The repeated ASSAULT of

the White Power Structure on

Black sensibilities is without

limit and continuously finds

new avenues of “expression”

again and again in Sports

ENTER NFL Commissioner Roger GOOdell and his latest INSULT toward African Americans. First a warning to our White ( and a few Black ) Box readers who tremble at our truthfulness and accuracy here in the Box NOW is your opportunity to leave before you get very UPSET again. Go watch Family Guy. Or send us another email of complaint.

Roger GOOdell is a low level piece of human ………. ( fill in the blank ). Think of him in his very very expensive suit in his extra luxurious office high above Manhattan, dozens of aides bowing before him, the phone constantly ringing with calls from the very FINEST people. A huge pay check to allow him to buy all he sees. And what is he a Low Life piece of ……

What got us so RILED up today. It appears to universal praise everywhere except in the Box GOOdell is being applauded for his latest move. He has just hired the finest experts in GANG signs who will scrupulously examine NFL game tapes going back who knows how far and even more in real time from now on closely examine EVERY NFL game for any indications that some players might be making so called GANG SIGNS during games.

Now does anyone in our vast audience

believe he is referring to WHITE players

please raise your hand high

NO one ??? well well well

That’s right its all those AFRICAN America players the NFL has now determined are making secret GANG signs during games on national television presumably as a signal to diabolical BLACK gangs all over the nation to head for rich WHITE neighborhoods at once upon seeing the SIGN to kill, rape, steal and destroy while the game on the Field goes on.

That’s right Roger GOOdell has uncovered a vast AFRICAN American murderous conspiracy among BLACK NFL players using football games as their method for an insidious plot to DESTROY America using Football as their WEAPON.

NO GOOdell was not that specific in his announcement this week but the implications of the “PROBLEM” and the ACTIONS he is taking to PROTECT America sure are very clear. Special “agents” have been hired who will watch every BLACK player during games always alert for any of them to give those secret GANG signs. The punishment for those “suspected” has not been announced yet. But a trip to Guantanemo for some WATER boarding is possible.

YES this is the same Commissioner Roger GOOdell who ordered the tapes that would have proven the WORST scandal in NFL history the NE Patriots SpyGate tapes DESTROYED and the same GOOdell who has refused to have an independent investigation nor hire agents to investigate Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and who used all the POWER of the NFL to derail a Congressional investigation of SpyGate …….

…….. who is rather using the very techniques he should have in the Bill Belichick scandal using those techniques instead to uncover BLACK players supposedly giving secret GANG hand signals during NFL games. We won’t be able to make today’s Box too much longer because the SMELL from GOOdell is getting too sickening to take much longer.

Before we pass out from GOOdell’s BullSHIT we must note that as usual the players will roll over and accept the INSULT just as long as they get their pay check and ROLLING OVER most of all will be no one more than the White NFL Power Structure’s BEST friend NFL Players Association President Gene Upshaw who has yet to see an NFL anti-player insult he does not Applaud.

At least you now know when you

notice this coming seasons White Guys

lurking in the shadows with cameras

and up in the broadcast booth glued

to replay monitors NO they will NOT

be looking for Bill Belichick

STEALING signals but for

BLACK players giving

secret GANG signs to

wreck havoc across

these United States

and round and

round and

round we


Heath Ledger as the Joker ROGER GOODELL “UNMASKED”