Giants Owners Sell Death To African Americans

Updated: July 1, 2008


Reportedly NO one

in the Tisch Family

smokes cigarettes

why would they

they’re NOT

STUPID they sold

cigarettes to STUPID

African Americans

While one of America’s LEADING Families The Tisch Family has made BILLIONS $$$ selling cigarettes and their company Lorillard most of all #1 in all the world in selling cigarettes to AFRICAN Americans. But they are such GOOD people they give a small amount of the money they make DESTROYING the health of millions of African Americans to many Good Causes.

And if that were not enough

The Tisch Family is the

Principal Owner of the

SuperBowl Champion

New Jersey Giants

WHY bring this up now. WHY not. But to be more specific Lorillard Tobacco’s signature BRAND Newport is waging a determined effort in the U.S. Congress NOT to have their BRAND of MENTHOL flavored cigarettes BANNED along with all the other flavored cigarettes being BANNED by Congress in a new Bill about to pass. Why ban FLAVORED cigarettes because 1) they appeal very much to YOUNG people, and 2) they seem to be the MOST addictive kinds of cigarettes to break away from.

It’s “simply” GOOD for business !!

The Congressional BLACK Caucus is fighting back right NOW to have MENTHOL flavored cigarettes included. WHY because menthol flavored cigarettes specifically Newport is the “favorite” brand among African Americans who prefer menthol. African Americans far and away are most responsible for Lorillard’s “success” (sic). The ONLY flavored cigarettes NOT included is the new BAN are MENTHOL cigarettes.

Here is a resolution one Lorillard stockholder tried to get passed at annual meeting of Loew’s Corporation the parent company of Lorillard at the time and Tisch Family “holding” company a few years go that the Tisch Family easy squashed as perfectly accurate as it is …

“A significant percentage of those smoking our Newport cigarettes arepeople of African descent. Over 75% of African American smokers smoke mentholcigarettes as compared to 23% of white smokers. 61.3% of African Americanadolescents who smoke smoke Newports.”

“Health risks associated with smoking among African Americans are greaterthan those of their white counterparts. African American men have a lungcancer death rate 50% higher than whites while over 80% of African Americanmen who smoke and have contracted lung cancer die from the disease, comparedwith 54 percent of their white counterparts.”

“Our company, along with the other U.S. tobacco companies, have inundatedthe African American community with various media campaigns. Nearly 66% ofcigarette advertisements in African American magazines are for mentholcigarettes, compared to 15.4% of those in general population magazines.African American communities have had 2.6 times as many billboards advertisingcigarettes as white communities.”

“Smoking rates among African American high school students rose 80% from1991 to 1997. The smoking rate for African American males doubled in that timefrom 14.1% to 28.2%.”

The fact is that in the early 1990s when the Tisch Family bought Lorillard cigarette smoking in the African American community coast to coast had reached its lowest level ever. For reasons not fully explained almost NO African American young people were any longer smoking. One important reason was that the Americans tobacco industry had shifted almost all its advertising to the far larger White community. Then came Lorillard under NEW management and ….

Massive new advertising was directed toward the African Americans community most of all for Newport cigarettes because it has always been favored by Blacks because of the menthol. And did they ever succeed. WOW African American cigarette use reached NEW highs and more young Black boys and girl were getting hooked than White kids. ALL THANKS TO THAT LEADING AMERICAN FAMILY THE TISCH FAMILY OF NEW YORK.

Sorry we forgot to mention

they recently sold Lorillard

reaping BILLIONS more

adding to BILLIONS they

made selling Newports to

African Americans the last

20 years or so