Giant Monster African Americans Stay Away

Updated: July 19, 2008


Give them dis-credit for coming

up with a money making idea

where none existed out of

Thin HOT Air

Some NFL teams and trust us tomorrow everywhere – some teams most of all the New Jersey Giants will be charging fans BIG bucks simply for the right to pay BIG bucks to buy game tickets in their NEW stadium. In a “normal” world as opposed to our Money MAD World the idea would be laughed at result in hysterical laughing across the land.

pay THOUSANDS of dollars so

for the right to pay HUNDREDS

of dollars to buy game tickets

call the ambulances people

are dying from laughter

this is TOO funny

Unfortunately it is TOO real. Brought to you by the same super RICH family that brought you menthol cigarettes because they are more ADDICTIVE and especially appeal to kids. Meet the wonderful Tisch Family once again. Since they recently got out of the cigarette business selling it for BILLIONS they need a new way to SCREW people especially African Americans.

The point is African Americans are already few and FAR between at New Jersey Giants games now will become virtually non-existent there in the Meadowlands in the NEW stadium. Want the math. Want a license. What’s the cost. Depends if you want to up it in the stratosphere or where you can truly enjoy the game. For the loser seats the cost of a license is ONLY $1000 for nothing. All the way up to $20,000 for the BEST seats minus the really good seats of course which go to the FAVORED few. The billionaires, celebrities, high level politicians, etc., etc. you know the “crowd” they are everywhere feeding off of everyone else. Call them Vultures.

Back to the NEW math of Sports

There will ONLY be 5000 of the $20,000 licenses so get off your ass and get out to Jersey now no matter how hot it is or don’t blame us. The other Giants owner John Mara said this, ” We wanted to have a plan that we thought was reasonable and fair and gave us the opportunity to keep everybody from Giants Stadium in the new building and meet our payment requirements. We didn’t go into this to maximize the proceeds.” You want to hear that again we hope. ” We wanted to have a plan that we thought was reasonable and fair and gave us the opportunity to keep everybody from Giants Stadium in the new building and meet our payment requirements. We didn’t go into this to maximize the proceeds.” Understand.

The New Jersey Giants don’t want to do this. They have to do this. And we know that is true because one of the owners is telling us all so. One of the guys who is going to get a big part of this $ 400,000,000 that $400 MILLION or so for NOTHING. Except for the fact they can.

Well we have more GOOD news for the Giants owners.

But first we should tell you after you buy your LICENSE you will be BLESSED with the privilege of buying tickets for ALL Giants home games. Individual seats for each Giants home game will be between $100 and $700 each possibly less for the pre-season tickets you will be forced to buy. Can’t you see lots of middle class African Americans filling Giants stadium to watch all those AFRICAN Americans down on the field playing Football.

Now for more GOOD news for

the Tischs and Maras who own

these New Jersey Giants

ARE YOU GUYS STUPID OR WHAT. Why only require a LICENSE to buy seats for games. Why NOT licenses for parking. Why NOT licenses for food. MOST OF ALL why NOT licenses to use the rest rooms. Using the BASN super-computers we have calculated the Giants can bring in another BILLION FROM THESE THREE ADDITIONAL LICENSES.

Basically you have to park. There is no other way to get there. As far as the food licenses you will need one per ticket holder whether you bring your own or buy anything in the stadium ( there will be NO water fountains so forget that ). But we have determined the highest selling LICENSES will be to use the bathrooms. For obvious reasons.

But to make the point WITHOUT a LICENSE under no circumstances whatsoever will you be allowed to use the bathrooms. If things get bad enough and you don’t have a LICENSE you can call 911 and try to get an ambulance to take you to the nearest hospital. BUT BE WARNED. NO ambulances will be allowed unless they purchase an ambulance LICENSE.

Wait a minute Wait a minute

the BASN super-computer

has just come up with

another LICENSE for

the Jersey Giants

If you want to use your cell phone anywhere within the parameter of the stadium including the parking lot you will need a LICENSE. Here is another one. Some fans like to stay around and get autographs from players as they leave. That’s right how about a LICENSE. And what about all those fans who during the games use their cell phones to take photos or bring cameras with them LICENSE please. WAIT A MINUTE. All fans have to leave the stadium at the end of each game. How about requiring a LICENSE to leave the new stadium. YES !!

The Giants and their owners

Tisch and Mara Families can

lead the way to the future

of Sports for all of us

true visionaries in the

art of screwing fans

making football the

RICH man’s game

it needs to be with

WHITE fans in the

stands watching

BLACK players

on the Field


Tisch Newport ” SUCKERS “