Curse Of The Grays

Updated: July 6, 2008



Here’s a strange Box for you correction very original Box

we’re here to tell you WHY

Washington’s Nationals are

WORST team in Baseball


You long time Box readers yes there are so many you should remember – and thank God it’s such a young audience we have – most of you are not suffering from Alzheimer’s and should remember our campaign right here in the Box ……

………. to have the Montreal franchise back in 2004 moving to Washington DCnamed the GRAYS in honor of the greatest team in Baseball history out of the Negro Leagues a team which played for years in DC yes in the very same stadium as the then MLB Senators.

well we FAILED miserably


In the three seasons this transplanted team with ALL the money in the world to spend and the newest stadium in the Majors under its new Fat Cat Insider Washington Power Broker Owner these Washington named Nationals are PATHETIC. As of the end of play yesterday Sunday the most PATHETIC team in the Majors HOPELESSLY buried in LAST place with the WORST record in the Majors the ONLY team in the Majors playing BELOW .400.

Here is their “record” (sic)

34 Wins 56 LOSSES

their percentage .378

nursing a 5 game

LOSING streak

Go ahead BET on them finishing LAST in the NL East. It is guaranteed. They canceled a promotional game this season against a local sandlot team of 8 year olds because they feared losing ( yes we made that up ). They should consider badminton or bowling as alternative sport to compete in. That is very true. So what is the Problem.

They meaning Major League Baseball along with the entire DC Power Structure and a few influential bought and paid for African American DC officials like FORMER Mayor Anthony Williams all “conspired” to insure the NEW team would not be named the GRAYS as so many in the BLACKEST city in America were clamoring for.

Instead we got the obnoxious self flattering air bag name the Nationals supposedly in the believe that as the team in the nation’s capital they would attract fans NATIONALLY right Washington DC the most popular city in America ( don’t stop laughing ).

But that was never the REAL reason. The fact is IF the team was named the Washington GRAYS that would have assured them a true NATIONAL fan base identifying with the LEGENDARY Negro Leagues. Even more there would have been an MLB team to inspire African Americans back to Baseball as players no matter the obstacles and as fans in large numbers.

But of course we’ve just

told you exactly WHY

the team was NOT

going to be named

The GRAYS we’ll

in return let DC

live with their


of the Grays

unless they

wake up


The Box presented a continuing multi-part series about Washington Baseball and the Grays back in 2004. You can find more of it in the BASN archives if you know where to look but right here is one notable part of the Series for you to savor ….