Breaking News Steelers Are For Sale

Updated: July 7, 2008


You may not hear this

anywhere else yet unless

you subscribe to the

Wall Street Journal

on-line as we do

The Pittsburgh Steelers who have been in the Rooney Family “forever” according to WSJ are on the Block if secretly so. Seems the Family of the Late Dan Rooney are your typical money lusting off spring tearing each other apart for a bigger share of the Loot. And there is more LOOT in the Steelers franchise than all of Old Man Rooney’s many many other valuable possessions his loving family are FIGHTING over.

So who cares less we could

NOT care less about a bunch

of super rich greedy vultures

fighting over every trinket

except for the Steelers

And our never ending series in the Box about how DUMB rich successful African Americans are for showing NO interest in buying VALUABLE Sports franchises. When at the same time Rich White Guys are falling all over each other to buy any team that comes on the market.

WHAT IS IT THAT AFRICAN AMERICANS DON’T GET or do they really believe the Rich White Guys are idiots for buying these football, basketball and baseball teams. Well Planet Earth to Africa America they are SMART indeed. Nobody meaning WHITE Americans have ever lost out buying an NFL, NBA or MLB franchise. NEVER.

The worst that has ever happened to them and very rarely the local government did not bend over far enough for them or throw them enough free taxpayer money and they took their team and moved to a city with more reputable SUCKERS running the city.

That will NOT happen in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh without the Steelers

will NEVER happen no matter

the cost to the taxpayers

As far as the cash value of these franchises they continue to grow astronomically no matter the economic conditions out in the REAL world. Why don’t we tell you WHY again Oprah and Tiger and Spike and Denzel AND NOW YOU FLOYD MAYWEATHER self proclaimed Billionaire. While you are out there buying more super expensive homes you don’t need, and a big plane to impress all your fawning friends, and a big ass yacht you will rarely use how about becoming the LEAD investor in trying to buy the Steelers.

BECAUSE owning an NFL, NBA or MLB franchise in the USA is like printing money. You have a LEGAL monopoly that the U.S. government sand the U.S Courts provide SPORTS team owners protections they provide no one else. You have NO worry about any competitor coming along in “your” city. GUARANTEED “your” league will CRUSH anyone with such s ridiculous notion with FULL government support. Printing Sports money !

Mr. Floyd Mayweather

you say you don’t want to

Fight any more that you are

bored with Boxing want to

do other things how about

OWNING an NFL team

We could go on and on and especially repeat our point that of course the NFL owners don’t want an AFRICAN American owner. NOT even just one. So what what else is new. The real point is they will have NO choice if a very credible well managed offer comes from notable AFRICAN Americans. You can get away with Racism in America except when its too blatant.

The other 31 owners and Commissioner GOOdell turning down the Black group and making excuses why the NFL did not choose an AFRICAN American buyer when that offer is every bit as good as the WHITE guys making offers will be a PROBLEM. BIG problem.

And round and round

and round we go and

where we stop is with

another WHITE owner

for the Pittsburgh Steelers

and African Americans

cowering in the corner and

AFRAID to make an offer

or is it just too DUMB

to see the VALUE

in OWNERship