BASN Classic Blackbox: It Today Independence Day Finally

Updated: July 3, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: July 4, 2007 IS TODAY INDEPENDENCE DAY FINALLY


SORRY to disappoint you

but there is NO evidence it is

NOT the “promise” of

July 4, 1776 but rather


That ALL men and women are created Equal. Or maybe that was the point of the most famous phrase in our Declaration of Independence. Just because we are CREATED Equal certainly does NOT mean we will be treated Equally. And WHO said it included AFRICAN Americans anyway. As a matter of fact it certainly did NOT include Black Americans. No “self-respecting” (sic) Founding Father would ever have proposed putting such nonsense in the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE. They weren’t that CRAZY. But ….

We’ll confine ourselves to Sports because we do Sports. But Sports is as good a reflection of our American Society today as any. Maybe better. Because it is indisputable what we see in American Sports. And it NOT Equality. Except on a few playing fields.

Not by any standard if you view Society as an African American because you are. Even back in 1776 if truth be told there were was a very small VERY small number of Black Americans who avoided all the pitfalls either by cunning or luck or a combination. African Americans who were neither enslaved nor who found American life wanting for them. Much as today.

Think about it this way.

We look upon life and society as much more primitive and unfair 200+ years ago than today when American society is so ENLIGHTENED therefore the difference for ALL African Americans “logically” should be incredibly different & better.

Yet in truth …….

Even if we confine ourselves to the Sports Industry which did not exist was not even something that one could conceive of 200+ years ago, even this NEW industry displays the very same signs of exclusion present in 1776. With few exceptions.

Also remember the problem then really wasn’t just inside the Racist South anyway, and the problem was not ONLY laws that kept African Americans shut out. It was a virulent mindset that was far far more pervasive and all encompassing than any so called “laws” that did or did not exist in 1776. And who said Slavery was confined to the South anyway. There were plenty of ENSLAVED Africans all over the Colonies. Far more in the South for sure.

Also keep in mind our hallowed Declaration of Independence the basic core document of these United States that “supersedes” even the U.S. Constitution NOWHERE IN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE is there even one word that can be found that gave anyone reason to think African Americans were any less included than anyone else. Even in the Racist South.

But of course African Americans were EXCLUDED from the meaning of the Declaration of Independence without even one word to that effect. And in fact with over 90% of Black Americans enslaved for life even as Slave Master Thomas Jefferson intoned those Mighty Words ” All men are created Equal endowed by their Maker with certain inalienable rights ……..”

What RIGHTS are those on

his and ALL the plantations

What a Crock of Bull Shit

from Thomas Jefferson

as he kept his list

in his breast pocket

for safe keeping “his”

Black men, women and

children he OWNED and

some like Sally Hemmings

he repeatedly raped

over many years

So fast forward to 2007 and in90% of the Sports played in the USA today most notably in our colleges where America’s future “leaders” are trained – in 90% of these colleges beginning with the Ivy League schools where the “true” Elites get their tickets punched you will NO more find African Americans on those college teams than you would have in 1776 IF the Sports had existed.

Likewise the OWNERSHIP of Sports today. There are NO more African American owners today than there would have been if ALL these highly cherished pros teams had existed way back in 1776. One today maybe there would have been one then too.

YES indeed no need to mention it African Americans are in the “fields” in large numbers in Football and Basketball. African American Bill Rhoden in his recent landmark book titled them “40 Million Dollar Slaves.” That’s right it is FAR better being a “slave” in 2007 than in 1776 because the pay is Better. And they don’t lock you up at night.

But by using the term “slave” of course what Rhoden means is these African Americans have no more say when it comes to management or ownership than did Blacks down on the Plantation 200 years ago. And for many of them their mindset remains SUB-servient to owners and managers. Slavery takes many forms. And today we have our 21st century version.

Some even say we have House Negroes in Sports just as they did 200 years ago on Jefferson’s Plantation and all the others. Notable African American athletes embarrassed to be Black and unwilling to use their fame or their fortunes in anyway to assist African Americans.

Why go on WHY bother

our point has been

well made true


remains the “promise”

it was on July 4, 1776

and the days that followed

when hopeful Americans

in city after city gathered

to hear the Declaration

read for the First Time in

places like New York City

and Boston and small

town everywhere

EXCEPT on Plantations

and everywhere else for

the most part in the Colonies

where African American

were NOT allowed

to hear the Words

ALL men are

Created Equal

NOT true

HAPPY July 4th

still waiting for

the Promise of