Basketball Doctor Approved

Updated: July 28, 2008


Is there a Doctor in the house or

maybe better in your refrigerator

well if so you are OK because

the Basketball Doctor approves

Doctor Pepper and Doctor J ( aka Julius Erving ) have teamed up to insure America and the world know the Truth. Drinking Dr. Pepper is GOOD for you. You may have wondered – OK maybe you haven’t – what Dr. J has been doing all these years since he retired from Basketball. Well now we know and can report here he has been TESTING soda to find the Best.

Dr. J’s conclusions surprised even him but are well documented by “his” scientific research. Dr. J conclusively now believes Doctor Pepper is the best soda of all and WHY you will begin seeing him in countless commercials for Doctor Pepper. But here is the message DOCTOR J is really eager to deliver drinking Doctor Pepper SLOWLY is the key to appreciating that DOCTOR Pepper is the BEST soda on Earth.

Here in the Box we have obtaining an EXCLUSIVE if very brief interview with DR. J. Yes first of all DR. J confirmed he does have a medical degree specializing in Soda or he would not have felt confident speaking on the subject and even less recommending Doctor Pepper.

But the question he answered exclusively for the Box is that the reason which had been secret until now WHY is this soda named DOCTOR Pepper. DR. J confirmed for the Black Box that back in 1885 when this miraculous formula was developed it became clear to the inventors that this soda was unlike any other it was good for you that it cured diseases, made people live longer and did what Viagra does 100 years before Viagra. That this soda was and is so good for you it is like having a DOCTOR in every bottle and so the name according to DR. J.

It also makes clear why a DOCTOR like DR. J would now agree to advertise and recommend DOCTOR Pepper. It’s one Doctor endorsing another. DR. J made it known to the Box that the millions he is being paid by the Doctor Pepper company in no way influenced his decision to endorse this miraculous soda. In fact there is a rumor Dr. J will use all the money to fill container ships with Doctor Pepper and send them all over the world most of all to Africa so poor kids around the world can become HEALTHY by drinking lots of Doctor Pepper.

But don’t believe us

listen to what Dr. J

has to say about his

friend Dr. Pepper

now DR. J ….