67 All Stars One African American

Updated: July 14, 2008


Thank God David Ortiz

( we’re just kidding ?? )

is hurt or you would

see NO Black player

in Tuesday’s All Star

Game at the Stadium

Technically you really won’t see any. NOT on the Field. Terry Francona has named Milton Bradley the Starting Designated Hitter since David Ortiz can’t play. Good thing this year’s game is in an AMERICAN League ballpark. Don’t be surprised if you only see him at bat ONCE.

Since the Designated Hitter spot gives Francona extra options to let other players get a Shot without taking players out of the Lineup and off the Field. Of course “technically” since Bradley is the ONLY Designated Hitter on the Roster minus Ortiz absence he should stay in Game and keep batting no matter how long it lasts or how many At Bats he might get. We’ll see.

Sixty-Seven ALL Stars suiting up at Yankee Stadium today and only ONE of them African American. ONE in the American League. NONE in the National League. NO African Americans on the Field for either League. And NO African American Pitchers. Call it what it is. A SAD state of affairs. It should have ALARM bells going off. Prominent elected officials should be UP in Arms that African Americans have fallen so far in the Great American Pastime.

Instead NOTHING will be said

except for the Black Box search

as you might you will NOT

find even one other article

making the point there will

NO AFRICAN Americans

on the Field at the ALL

Star Game and ONLY

ONE batting and that

because the American

League Designated

Hitter is injured and

WHAT about Derek

Jeter WHAT about

Jeter this is about

BLACK players

Derek Jeter ” WHAT ABOUT ME ”