Wrong Protest Al

Updated: June 11, 2008


It is unclear IF Al Sharpton

has fully recovered yet

from the SHOCK of

not being able to

PLAY being

The Black Presidential candidate this year because there is a REAL One running. It may be clouding his judgment but HELLO AL while you can get away with and conceptually it is hard to fault you with holding a PROTEST during the All Star activities in New York City this year to bring attention to the Shaun Bell murder ……

Making a connection between that horrible incident and Baseball is misplaced, will not accomplish your intended goal and WASTES the real opportunity that protesting at the promotional events for the All Star Game in New York City in July could.

But of course that raises the even more basic issue

we confront in the Box again and again

African American LEADERS give NO attention to Sports except if maybe an athlete is arrested for something. In fact virtually ALL African American LEADERS have disdain if not out and out contempt for Sports. Again it’s that OLD shibboleth ( we’ve used the word before google it if you must ) that Sports are the bane of the African American community. If only young Black Americans did not want to be Athletes. YEA maybe they should want to be CEO of Microsoft or IBM ???

HERE IS WHAT AL SHARPTON COULD DO which is very valuable but which he never will. At the All Star Game especially at the BIG All Star Parade on 6th Avenue in NYC the day before the All Star Game PROTEST THE LACK OF AFRICAN AMERICANS in ALL aspects of Baseball today even more than in the Past.


Go after the New York Yankees and the New York Mets building BILLION dollar pleasure PALACES that will open next year in the Bronx and Queens while putting aside NO money and making NO plans to assist young African Americans in New York City. Millions of them. Doing NOTHING to create special programs and facilities for young Black New Yorkers to come and be schooled in Baseball.

You do not even need even half a brain let alone be a Media Genius to know if Al Sharpton and his hundreds of PROTESTERS stood on 6th Avenue during the BIG All Star Parade and made everyone feel uncomfortable especially the Yankees, Mets and NYC Mayor Bloomberg who did NOTHING either for African Americans while making all kinds of concessions $$$$ to the Yankees and the Mets and their new Pleasure PALACES.

Instead Al Sharpton will get his dose of self-righteousness protesting the murder of Shaun Bell while accomplishing NOTHING on that issue trying to make it an issue at the All Star Game. The media will give him 15 seconds if that while everyone else focuses on the All Star game and BASEBALL. When IF Sharpton raised an issue related to BASEBALL and making it specific to NYC while not ignoring the broader implications …..

Al Sharpton could actually accomplish

something USEFUL during the All Star

BREAK instead he and other Black

LEADERS will continue to

IGNORE Sports too BAD

for ALL of us ….