Williams Sisters Pound Wimbledon But They Won’t Vote For Barack Obama

Updated: June 28, 2008


Good Thing for Obama

he isn’t likely to lose this

Presidential Election

by 2 votes because

Serena & Venus will

NOT vote for Barack

NO matter what

It’s against their religion and they don’t hide the fact. Now you are learning for the first time the Williams Sisters are DEVOUT Jehovah Witnesses and according to their view of Life they have NO allegiance to any particular country in which they reside. They will obey the laws, pay their taxes but the Kingdom of Heaven is their real home and they ONLY vote for God.

Fair enough it is their right. And God knows almost half of Americans do not vote for far less weighty reasons. They just can’t be bothered or they are just too Cynical. Except this time there are going to be very few Africans Americans in those categories.

And as for the Williams Sisters had the almost impossible not happened with Obama’s nomination they would have sailed through life without anyone knowing or caring that they do not vote. NOT ever. They will never ever register to vote if you believe them.

As agreed they have every right

to their religion and their views



Maybe they should give some thought to this. IMAGINE if all African Americans were Jehovah Witnesses and REFUSED to vote. For sure Barack Obama would NOT be the nominee. But far more there would be NO elected African Americans anywhere. NO you can’t run for Office either of course. And WHITE officials would dump on African Americans even more because they would NEVER have to worry about Black votes. Or Black elected officials.

We must let Serena and Venus

speak for Themselves

Serena in her own words “I obviously am excited to see Obama out there doing his thing, but I’m a [Jehovah’s] Witness, so I don’t get involved in politics. We stay neutral. We don’t vote. We don’t get to be a part of these worldly things. So, I’m not going to necessarily go out and vote for him. I would if it wasn’t for my religion.” Venus was somewhat more bland in her comments but she took reflected the same view saying ” I don’t vote.”

It’s a Tough Sell Serena and Venus.

Maybe you ought to take a closer look at your religion. From the beginning of Time there have been a multitude of religions with all sorts of practices. For instance we are constantly reminded that some forms of Islam promote killing your enemies. Basically others do as well. There are so called “religions” that believe under age girls should be forced to have sexual intercourse with older men even have children by them.

Maybe the Williams Sisters between matches at Wimbledon should contemplate the difference between a “religion” that tells its members that NOT voting is OK rather than one that DEMANDS it of True Believers. There can be a very thin line between Religion and Cult. Catholics used to BURN non-Believers at the Stake after TORTURING them of course.

So now we know Serena and Venus don’t vote and if they keep to the other mandates of their religion they refuse to salute the Flag, get involved in any community action of any sort that can be seen as involving politics or government. Like for example supporting civil rights legislation, or medical insurance for all, or fairer government spending.

Maybe they should look more deeply into their religion and find out who it was who ordained that Jehovah Witnesses shall not vote. Some ancient ?? Do they know who it was. Or maybe it was God Himself who said ” that shall not vote.” Or maybe if they look more deeply they will become disappointed that there doesn’t seem to be any GOOD reason why not.

Maybe the Williams Sisters could become MISSIONARIES for Good Sense and tell their Jehovah Witness Sisters and Brothers they are going to register and VOTE for Barack Obama and see if they are EXPELLED for their HORRIBLE sin of voting. Stoned to Death ? Maybe instead they will become modern day LEADERS of their Religion doing so leading their fellow Jehovah Witnesses out of this Desert and into the Promised Land right here.

Back on the Grass Tennis Courts

at Wimbledon in Jolly England

both Serena & Venus are


Opponents so far

VOTE for one

of them to

WIN it all