Who Cares Get A Life!

Updated: June 24, 2008


A society in serious DECLINE

is one good way to respond

to the new BROU-HAHA

about what’s his name Imus

his comment about

Adam – Don’t Call Me Pacman Any More -Jones

A one liner in the middle of some dumb morning radio show that could have meant anything and is worth nothing put the American Media into a FRENZY. It was the LEAD story believe it or not on the New York news broadcasts on Monday evening AND of course page ONE in the tabloids Wednesday and needless to include ALL OVER THE INTERNET coast to coast and Beyond.

WHO cares. About Imus, his comment or for that matter Adam – Don’t Call Me Pacman Any More – Jones. All it amounts to is three irrelevant meaningless issues. We must keep telling ourselves how DUMB we are as a society. How RIDICULOUS most of the American media is. And how much time American society WASTES on nonsense.

The fact that millions listen to brain dead chatter by Imus and others every morning on their way to work stuck in never ending traffic while they pollute the Earth for no good reason could be called FRIGHTENING. Here is a RADICAL idea. Try Classic Music instead. You might actually begin your day upbeat and re-freshed instead of “fried.”

And just how PATHETIC are broadcast news producers, directors, anchors, and reporters that they spend their lives and their days preparing broadcasts and LEAD stories about absolutely NOTHING. One vague comment by some trivial talk radio jockey whose own life and “work” (sic) could not be less meaningless or forgettable.

I am sitting here PRAYING frantically that none of the BASN writers actually do stories about this non-incident this garbage and present it as “serious” news when it is neither serious nor news.

For African Americans there is a double dose of “trouble” here. To get riled up over this BS and again 2 or 3 words that could mean anything TRIVIALIZES the very real issue of RACISM in American Sports and Media. WHITE America seeing BLACK America go CRAZY over this “incident” comes to the conclusion we can tune out about ALL complaints of Racism because we’ll pre-judge them ALL as ridiculous as this.

We could even write here and defend Imus but then we would fall into the same TRAP of taking him and this matter SERIOUSLY when it is about a trivial as any subject could conceivably be. Imus is irrelevant. His comment is irrelevant even if possibly purposely misunderstood by Trouble Makers, and in this context Adam – Don’t Call Me Pacman Any More – Jones is likewise irrelevant. DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE MR. JONES AND WE WILL HAVE A REASON TO GIVE YOU ATTENTION.

Listen we have WASTED enough

time and space right here on

this NON-story but since

others insist on taking

it seriously we had NO

choice but to do a Box

and call it what it is


Pacman Jones ” IT’S MR. JONES FROM NOW ON “