What Doc Rivers Not NBA Coach of 2008

Updated: June 21, 2008


They must be MAD over

there where they vote for

NBA Coach of the Year

and it follows logically

Alfred Newman who is

the long time face of

MAD would be voting

Here is the Point.

As usual the Box is attempting to provide its readers an understanding of Sports way BEYOND what you get from over paid Big Media reporters whose best talent is kissing the asses of the owners and management of the leagues and teams they cover.

Since the BIZARRE situation that developed in the NBA has escaped everyone else the Black Box will tackle the subject of how is it conceivable although it happened that Celtics head coach Doc Rivers is NOT NBA Coach of the Year.

To make the subject crystal clear there are those who make the case and it is valid to take the position the Celtics turn around in 2007-8 is the GREATEST not only in the history of Basketball no no no in the entire history of SPORTS.

Yes you can dispute going that far. But you would be on the defensive. AND BEYOND ABSOLUTELY ANY DISPUTE the Boston Celtics of 2007-8 is the GREATEST turn around in NBA history.

Maybe you are not a Basketball fan. Let’s make it even clearer last season 2006-7 the Boston Celtics had just about the WORST record in the entire NBA. This season they had the BEST record in the entire NBA. Last season they finished DEAD last. This season they are the blow out NBA Champions.

A turn around of EPIC proportions that will be talked about as long as Basketball exists. Always be THE standard by which to judge any other team’s improvement from one season to he next. And by the way the Celtics CRUSHED the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA Crown last week. Granted the Coach of the Year balloting took place before the Play-offs but So What. What really happened. Roc Rivers did not even just barely loose the NBA Coach of the Year vote he was CRUSHED.

Here are the top 3 Totals

Byron Scott 458 Points and 70 1st Place votes Doc Rivers 242 Points and 23 1st Place votes Rick Adelman 193 Points and 17 1st Place votes

Now Byron Scott did a very fine job with the New Orleans Hornets. They same in tied for First Place in their Division then got knocked out of the Play-offs BEFORE reaching the Western Finals let alone the NBA Finals. And YES they certainly did have a turn-around season. They improved their record from the prior season by 18 games. Not bad.

EXCEPT FOR ONE FACT. The Boston Celtics turn around was a 42 game improvement count them please FORTY TWO wins more in 2007-8 then the season before. 42 is almost THREE times better than 18. The GREATEST turn around in NBA history but Doc Rivers gets barely half the points for Coach of the Year Byron Scott got. AND FAR LESS THAN HALF THE FIRST PLACE VOTES. A few more than the 3rd place finisher.

So it’s down to this

WHO exactly votes for

and decides who WINS

NBA Coach of the Year

125 Sports covering

reporters and broadcasters

is there any doubt they’re

MAD like Alfred Newman

Boston Celtics Doc Rivers is

NBA Coach of the Year