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Updated: June 10, 2008


Close but not enough

to avoid a run-off

election before

Kevin Johnson

can be called


Whether inspired by Barack Obama or not Kevin Johnson former Point Guard for the Phoenix Suns sometimes described as “charismatic” – no idea what that over used word really means – aided and abetted by the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson just beat out the current Mayor of Sacramento, California, the state capitol, in the First Round of the Mayor’s race. First Round because neither Johnson or his opponent reached the magic 50% figure although Johnson came closer at 47% to lead the Field. Now there will be a run-off between Johnson and Mayor Fargo for the Big Prize.

This 42 year old three time NBA All Star impressed the Phoenix Suns enough they retired his #7 when he Retired after 12 seasons deciding he wanted to return home to Sacramento and Do Good. Back in Sacramento he gave new life to his old high school and worked on re-developing his blighted neighborhood of his youth.

But once he decided to enter the Political Arena back in March Johnson put himself in a Boxing Ring where your opponents swing to knock you out. His opponents have accused him of inappropriate behavior and misuse of his foundation and surprise he has also rubbed some interest groups the Wrong Way.

That said again Kevin Johnson got the most votes in the First Round. And his principal opponent the incumbent Mayor has been dogged with charges of her own misuse and bad judgment. Johnson got another boost from the fact he has loaned his campaign $500,000 not something any of the other candidates were in a position to do.

As for Sacramento it is easy to argue the city needs a NEW Mayor. It may be the capital of California but its reputation is definitely depressed. At best it has no image at all. At worst it is considered a LOSERS’ paradise run down and with a significant crime problem.

Now it looks like Sacramento will find out come November if a former pro athlete with lots of self-confidence and a record of success on the Basketball Court can translate that to a very different playing field. Working in Johnson’s favor whether a Basketball Court or City Hall in lots of way everything is a Playing Field where good players can WIN.

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