Straight No Chaser: Daddy Travis??

By Desi Cortez
Updated: June 8, 2008

DENVER — Travis Henry’s dismissal from the Denver Broncos organization, according to USA Today staff writers — was based on his off-field issues, which according to them, was focused on his association with Mary Jane. Mr. Henry’s in love with Mary Jane. He’s an official member of the Stone City Band.

USA Today must maintain very low expectations for Black men….

Please note; Henry’s been in love, or at least lust with nine different women, which has culminated in nine children. 9! Yes, nine, or nine, anyway you look at it, the man, (I use that term loosely) is a sex machine.

12 cylinders, air in-takes, dual prostates, twin testicles…. This is a fact which ought to be worth noting, mentioning, touching-on, centering-on when describing Mr Henry. It should be the keynote entry in his bio.

This fact, never seemed to bother the Broncos, the NFL, the media nor the fans, and I think I understand why; they don’t give a damn how many children he fathers, but forsakes..

OK, OK all right. If it’s not giving a damn, then it’s the low, gutter low expectations society holds for Black men. I mean, it’s one thing to bed a billion broads like Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain claimed… It’s something else to impregnate and abandon women and children.

One guys a stud, Wilt should have had his penis bronzed, sat it on his mantle. They didn’t call him “stilt” for nothing. The other guy’s a punk, a weasel, a man-child who has no conception of what life, fatherhood , love or just animalistic Olympic free-style sex is about.

Who wants to wager Henry was raised by a single mom?. Dad walked out, deserted him?

Clearly Henry has no idea what a man is, but tragically, White America’s conception of what a Black man is… is insulting. Like Bill Clinton being tagged the first Black President, based upon the shades, the sax and the out-of-marriage sex, the correlation is insulting.

But deeper still, Black folks accepting it and claiming him. That’s the tragedy, that’s the example of believing what people say about you, taking on, if not embracing those characteristics. Not grasping when people are laughing with you, and when folks are laughing at you.

I think I’m looking for the word brainwashed.

Don’t let me get side-tracked, but Black folks, so tied-to the image of Black men as roosters, womanizers, philanders and Casanova’s – adopted Bill, this recently revealed as an unraveling redneck playboy – as our own.

He’s got the BMC card, yeah, believe it or not – the Black Man Club ID Card. He got the silk underwear, XXL condoms, secret handbook, and secret decoder ring…(enables guys over 45 to communicate with guys under 30)

Ain’t that a bitch.

Nevertheless, both America’s, Black and White, separate and unequal as they remain, share the same bleak expectations for black men; you can recklessly father almost a dozen kids, abandon them, reject them, and society will overlook such careless behavior, still let you play in the renowned NFL, and be just one season away, 1,976 rushing yards away from having your likeness on a Wheates box… Which sits on the kitchen table, in front of how many young impressionable boys every morning….

Ain’t that a … I thought, silly ass me, Roger Goodell was focused on family, all about Mormon tabernacle Choir type high character. I thought the NFL was setting the bar high, at “Boy Scout” standards.

In this case of Henry, they’re lowering the bar out of low expectations, accepting Henry’s lifestyle as typical. Deeper still, the league, the media is disconnected from the pain Henry is creating, the personal damage he does to each of these 9 kids. The pain and suffering he’s causing by being a pimp/daddy is unmeasurable, yet USA Today believes his most noteworthy indiscretion is smoking weed….

Maybe, just fricking maybe this speaks to the lack of value this nation places on Black kids.

Maybe, they don’t matter? Can it be that simple? A black child’s life is deemed meaningless in many-an-eye’s estimation? Unimportant, immaterial. Their fate, their destiny….inconsequential in the view of mainstream America?

I’m knocked back by this sports nation’s ability to bypass Henry’s disregard for life. I don’t understand, and granted – I only have a public school education, but it’s a class-less ass who’ll not try to support his own.

It’s worst when the funds are “at hand.”And, we’re not even discussing the most critical issue – time, time spent with your child, hands-on-time. Providing time and love is not even possible at this point for Henry, and that’s the tragedy in this unofficial polygamy case.

There’s no question about it -Travis Henry, the man, is a pathetic example of both a man and a father. But what does it say about a group of people, who view themselves as civilized and educated, who can minimize, rationalize, even justify if not out-right dismiss Henry’s “off field” and “in the bedroom” antics. Fans of the game who can ignore his contributions to the misery factor, and simply dwell on what factor his yards -per-carry would figure in a teams success.

Either they are neanderthal sports fans, oblivious to the bigger greater world outside the coliseum, or they view Black folks as sub-human, grown children…. this type of pimp/playboy expression of one’s manhood is expected, it merely serves as late night joke material.

You can take the ebony mandingo buck off the plantation…. but you can’t take the plantation out the boy…

No team, no city should welcome this guy because of what he represents, what he presents himself as. I’m sorry, I know I’m not cutting this hustler a break, but this type of assembly line child making is deliberate, pre-meditated, and sadly, in some quarters – this form of baby-making is glorified.

You da’ mofo – if you can make more than four or five babies.

My father and grand father enlightened me to the fact; a man can only begin to be a man, when he can take care of what’s his and himself. This in-itself is a task for most, but most men do try, do put forth the effort and struggle to be self-sufficient, able to feed, house and cloth their children, and here’s a guy who could give a … and forsakes his children. Nevertheless he’s still acceptable to the men in the locker-room, corporate boardroom, the family room…

The only answer, Ol’ Henry’s not alone. He’s just the poster-pimp for a lost generation. His definition of a man – “Have Penis, will use it” defines a generation.

These brothers don’t want to be Tony Dungy or Calvin Hill, they want to be Pac-Man Jones. My sources here in Denver, as corny as that sounds – I know some people, who know some people who knows one of the woman Travis Henry was bedding while here in Denver, and word is – she is with child.

That could be gossip, but it’s irreverent; the point here is – NFL teams will still give this guy a chance to say “I just won the Super Bowl, and I’m going to Disney World.” even if he produces three or four more babies.