Sports And Fatherhood

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: June 14, 2008

SEATTLE — Sports and fatherhood go hand in hand. My Father loves Boxing and was a pretty decent middle weight while in the United States Air Force. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Whenever Muhammed Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard had a fight come on television our home had all the fixings of a Super Bowl Party.Today, I was fortunate to be able to witness one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

My sons, Seth and Dylan who are identical twins, were competing to qualify for the Hershey Nationals Track Meet.This year has been tough on the boys because of their allergies and often times the medicine that they take makes them a little groggy but they insisted on coming out for the event.

Dylan was up first competing in the 400 in lane four. It has taken me a while to get his form together but he’s looking good now and follows direction. Dylan runs like a slave and by that I mean that he runs with meaning a purpose.

He isn’t someone that runs just for the fun of it. If you see him run pass you down the street, you better start running too!

Seth runs the 1,600 and I honestly believe that he does so because I can’t. He has an absolutely beautiful stride and positions himself very well. Often I have to hold him back on the second lap because he hits his kick to early.

They both finished in the topthree spots respectively but their times weren’t good enough to move on. As I was coming to say goodnight, I heard them talking to each other in the room later that evening.

“Dude did you hear Dad cheering for you?,” “Dad was jumping up and down so much I thought that he was going to pass out,” “I like the look on Dad’s face when I get around the last corner.”

I entered the room and acted as if I heard nothing. “Hi. guys. Ijust wanted you to know how proud that I was of each of you today. You both ran personal best today and nobody could ask for much more”, I said.

“Thanks for being there, Dad,” they said simultaneously. (Yes, that happens often.)

“Dylan we may need to petition your race and request to see a birth certificate of that kid because there’s no way in the world an 11-year-old boy should have a full beard!”

We laughed until we cried and said goodnight.

Then it dawned on me, that’s what it’s really about, “BEING THERE”. When your Father takes you to see your favorite team, you don’t remember who won or lost only that you had a great time with your Dad.

My Father, who is the greatest Dad in the world, always says that he wished he could’ve spent more time with me. I remember one of the best gifts he ever gave me was a promise that he and I would do some special together once a month.

I would like to send a special greeting this Father’s Day to Warren Jefferson and Skip Peace whose Father’s left us way to soon. To Lafeyette Trawick who’s about to be a Dad for the first time.

And to all of our readers that are trying to be a better Man everyday, I wish you all a wonderful Father’s Day!