Sizing Up The New Prospects

By Eric G. Satterwhite
Updated: June 20, 2008

NEW YORK — The NBA Draft is spiraling toward actuality. Therefore we deliver to BASN’s beloved readership an accurate prognosis on how David Stern’s NBA new hire roll call will play-out.

Come Thursday at Madison Square Garden, 30 global athletes (first round selections) are finding to learn the employment address of their new corporation’s as well as the opportunity to have the red, white, and blue NBA shield financing a myriad of earthly opportunity.

BASN is ready to share polishing readership skill sets as we stutter step and dribble drive to share our NBA Mock Draft analysis.

Read on:

1. Chicago Bulls *Derrick Rose 6-4 Memphis Point Guard- Bulls GM John Paxson allegedly offered the open Bulls coaching job to NBA coaching retread Doug Collins who wisely opted to maintain his even keel disposition as a TNT broadcaster . Collins’ decision to stay in the safety net of the broadcast booth was a wise one since Chicago is a coach killing town. After Collins passed on Paxson’s safe hire the Bulls General Manager got a little risqué by settling on Vinnie Del Negro who has never coached in the NBA or any competitive basketball level. Del Negro and Paxson will draft Windy City native Derrick Rose who will provide Vinnie and the Bulls their first pure point since Norm Van Lier. Soon to be outgoing Bulls Captain Kirk Hinrich will provide Paxson excellent trade value for needed frontcourt assistance with specifics to low post scoring. The resurrection process for the Bulls will be a solid exotic known as Del Negro Rose.

2. Miami Heat *Michael Beasley 6-8 Kansas State Forward- Michael Beasley is miffed at so-called Draft experts questioning the depth of his character. Beasley with his mature view regarding his personal carriage has this moniker, “Let he or she without sin cast the first stone.” Beasley who showcased his ocean deep array of skills at Orlando’s Draft camp will undoubtedly bring needed blaze to the Heat’s paltry scoring column from a season ago. Miami rookie head coach Eric Spoelstra is feverishly diagramming half court sets and an “un-Riley” like tempo to harness the offensive objectives of Beasley and Dwyane Wade to tally new offensive totals. Look for Miami President Pat Riley to be extremely active with a bevy of trade moves seeking attainment of a serviceable point guard that can thrive in transition. Equally, Heat veteran Adonis Haslem will be relocated for a qualitative roster upgrade in the Heat’s zeal for low post efficiency.

3. Minnesota Timberwolves *Brook Lopex 7-0 Stanford Center;- So the workout reviews on Brook Lopez that he has limited lateral movement center’s having solid NBA careers. Let the record show Lopez lateral “quicks” are superior to these current NBA starting centers; Zydrunas Ilgauskas Cleveland, Andris Bianiloedrins Golden State, Brad Miller Sacramento, Rasho Nesterovic Toronto, Eddy Curry New York, and Erick Dampier Dallas just to name a few. The aforementioned talented NBA veteran “bigs” have done well in the NBA yet Lopez enters the NBA with a better defensive reputation than the aforementioned and superior post play fundamentals when the compared with previous center’s post adeptness when they first entered the NBA. Lopez is a foundation winner and rounds out the T-Wolves frontline for a franchise that seeks their first solid 5 slot performer in their short Charter history.

4. Seattle Supersonics *Russell Westbrook 6-4 UCLA Point Guard- Russell Westbrook is the choice for the still in Seattle Supersonics and the UCLA Bruin promptly provides a rangy defensive minded guard sidekick opposite reigning Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant. Draft pessimists questioning Westbrook’s ability to be a first class floor leader need not look further than former NBA All-Star Ron Harper who commandeered the Bulls and Lakers to NBA championships after entering the pros as a bucket in bunches minded two guard. Westbrook is similar to Harper in upper echelon athleticism, basketball smarts, and playmaking sophistication. Westbrook the Pac Ten’s Defensive Player of the Year has excellent defensive instincts on perimeter coverages as well as above average three point shooting capabilities. Westbrook compares favorably to Derrick Rose in 21st century point guard explosiveness. Seattle GM Sam Presti has All Rookie players in forward Jeff Green and Durant and can quickly keep his Draft selection Midas touch by selecting Westbrook.

5. Memphis Grizzlies *OJ Mayo 6-5 USC Shooting Guard- Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace has Mayo as his pick from the very get go. What Mayo has displayed besides a buffet of high level skills efficiencies is the mental toughness to be an effective pro. So single minded is Mayo in his pursuit of basketball absorbed and “rain slickered” various National reports regarding alleged improprieties of gift taking while sporting Trojan attire as an amateur. Mayo has shifted his representation seamlessly and on the same day works out effortlessly in full view of NBA talent evaluators. Mayo arrival in Tennessee assists Memphis in the box office and OJ’s game will be lethal opposite Grizzlies rising star forward Rudy Gay.

6. New York Knickerbockers *Danilo Gallinari 6-9 Italy Wing Forward- Danilo Gallinari in the Big Apple is automatic. Gallinari playing in front of denizens of fellow paisans as well as bringing forward creativity which is a mixture of hear this Knicks fans Dave DeBusschere and Bill Bradley is a natural for Coach Mike D’Antoni’s offensive approach. Gallinari already a marketing giant for NYC can play effectively with current Knick personnel while providing few deficiencies in the forward approach schematics D’Antoni desires from his point forward personnel. Gallinari wull excel in New York as Knick big wig Donnie Walsh continues to win favor from Knicks fans rising from the catacombs of embarrasing Knicks seasons the past several seasons.

7. Los Angeles Clippers *Eric Gordon 6-5 Indiana Combo Guard- Eric Gordon is a Clippers necessity in the guard heavy Pacific Division of the NBA’s Western Conference. Gordon is a savvy backcourt ace that is a 2 for 1 upgrade due to his ease/command of playing above board at both guard designations. The Clippers were woeful at the perimeter from the 1 and 2 slots and by drafting Gordon who has a haughty hoops IQ which is a favorable asset tn the view of GM Elgin Baylor and head coach Mike Dunleavy. Gordon’s proficiency at three point shooting and high level ocular acuity fits snugly for Los Angeles goal of gathering new respect as a playoff hopeful.

8. Milwaukee Bucks *Joe Alexander 6-8 West Virginia Wing Forward- Alexander’s draft stock much like his hops has been stratospheric. Alexander the new “Zeke from Cabin Creek” has been wowing talent evaluators with his NBA legit athletic gifts coupled with a deft perimeter shooting touch, Alexander can run in transition and has excellent read and recognize team defense disciplines a result of solid collegiate coaching and competition in the rugged Big East Conference. The forward thinking Bucks with new leadership brass literally jumpstarts a new foundation with the Milwaukee logo envelope hand delivered to the Draft podium featuring Joe Alexander.

9. Charlotte Bobcats *Kevin Love 6-10 UCLA Power Forward- Charlotte head coach Larry Brown starts his NBA record 9th different coaching job using selection 9 to get Love on his basketball mind. Kevin Love is favorable to former Bruin head honcho Larry Brown simply because Love “plays the right way”. Bob’s Cat’s are looking for Love at the box office, in the win column, and just as important the respect column. Michael Jordan the Bobcats’ boss has shown a zero tolerance style for losing albeit plenty of management hours are on the local greens while holding a imbibing a face altering stogie. Yet, MJ and Brown have basketball affection for Love that they hope lasts past Draft Day 2008.

10. New Jersey Nets *Anthony Randolph 6-11 LSU Forward- New Nets General Manager Kiki Vandeweghe sees plenty of himself in the young Anthony Randolph. There is little doubt Randolph will excel in the NBA since the plethora of talents he is endowed is heavy on predilections for League success. In the Lawrence Frank attack the rangy Randolph offers that rare magician quality on hoops hardwood primarily the gift of “making something out of nothing.” As Randolph develops and attains necessary muscle he will be aforce akin to former Atlanta Hawks All Star Dan Roundfield. Vandeweghe knows hoops is a game of refined finesse and prefers the flexible forward mobility Randolph embodies with that special quality to consistently perform impromptu playmaking attributes that leads to victories.

11. Indiana Pacers *DJ Augustin 5-11 Texas Point Guard- Indiana front office chieftain Larry Bird is not caught up on height. Bird won his first NBA championship playing for the Celtics with a lead guard nicknamed “Tiny” as in Hall of Famer Nate Archibald. Moreover, Bird also coached the Pacers e to an NBA finals with a under 6 foot backup guard named Travis Best who played quality minutes for Larry Legend’s Eastern Conference Champions. Therefore those observers who get tangled on Augustin’s height have omitted his pronounced backcourt effectiveness an item Bird is locked in on when considering acquiring Augustin’s talents. The makeover in Indiana starts with Augustin the character guy to get Indy’s on floor character unified.

12. Sacramento Kings **Jerryd Bayless 6-3 Arizona Combo Guard- Bayless in the River City is a Draft day boon for the Sacramento Kings. Bayless who received his greatest success at Arizona as a two guard has the propensity to develop into a quality lead guard under Kings Coach Reggie Theus tutelage. Bayless in the 12th slot is not a surprise since concerns manifest on his point guard duties. The offensive/athletic Bayless in the Kings lineup would be akin to explosive improved version of Mike Bibby. Former NBAer CoachThe us a lead guard with a scoring disposition in his playing days has the savvy to merge Bayless dual talented game with Kings leading scorer and rising star Kevin Martin. Bayless and Martin would emerge as a more athletic guard combination version of former Kings heyday guard duo Doug Christie and Bibby. Bayless in Sacramento is the best fit regarding all lottery teams.

13. Portland Trailblazers *Brandon Rush 6-7 Kansas Wing Guard/Forward- Portland will tipoff the 2008-2009 NBA season with two of their first round picks from 2007 receiving their initial NBA action namely Ohio State’s Greg Oden and Spain’s Rudy Fernandez. The last formula to round out a robust Blazer roster would be the addition of first rate winner Brandon Rush. Rush who was a key contributor on Kansas National Champion is a excellent man to man defender solid on both on ball and team defense stratagems. Equally, Rush is no slouch on offense having the the best transition game of any collegiate small forward coupled with savvy spot up jump shooting from long range. The well coached Rush jibes well with Coach Nate McMillan’s defensive/offensive philosophy.

14. Golden State Warriors *Darrell Arthur 6-9 Kansas Power Forward- The uptempo hooper’s out of Oaktown could utilize Arthur’s talents inside the lane while attaining a fleet footed power forward that can excel in Don Nelson’s fast break attack. Arthur would provide Nelson a mobile post presence who is a effective passer out of the half court set, plus he offers solid pick setting, and a most importantly Arthur is a reliable defensive presence in the painted hardwood. Golden State has been seeking a power forward that can generate some benficial hoop sustenance and Arthur would be Golden State’s best power forward offering since out of the Draft since Chris Webber.

15. Phoenix Suns *Chris Douglas Roberts 6-9 Memphis Wing Forward– Terry Porter is back on the NBA sidelines as a head coach and inherits a talented and aging roster. Porter has to find balance with a veteran roster that was “sprung” on former Coach Mike D’Antoni’s seven second attack mojo. Porter has roster solid at every position except small forward so drafting CDR is wise and prudent decision for challenged Suns GM Steve Kerr. Dougls Roberts would remind the Suns season ticket holders of Shawn Marion with his transition sequence adeptness and slithery offensive machinations. Porter has huge challenges ahead of him as he molds a team with varied egos that would be lessened with the team oriented mindset of Douglas-Roberts.

16. Philadelphia 76ers * Jason Thompson 6-11 Rider Power Forward/Center

17. Toronto Raptors * Robin Lopez 7-0 Stanford Center

18. Washington Wizards *Alex Ajinca 7-1 France Center

19. Cleveland Cavaliers *Donte Green 6-9 Syracuse Wing Forward

20. Denver Nuggets *Marreese Speights 6-10 Florida Power Forward

21. New Jersey Nets *Nicolas Batum 6-8 France Wing Forward

22. Orlando Magic *Roy Hibbert 7-2 Georgetown Center

23. Utah Jazz *Kosta Koufos 7-0 Ohio State Center

24. Seattle Supersonics *DeAndre Jordan 7-0 Texas A&M Center

25. Houston Rockets *Courtney Lee 6-5 Western Kentucky Shooting Guard

26. San Antonio Spurs *Mario Chalmers 6-1 Kansas Point Guard

27. Charlotte Hornets *Serge Ibaka 6-10 Congo Power Forward

28. Memphis Grizzlies *Devon Hardin 6-11 California Power Forward

29. Detroit Pistons *JaVale McGee 7-0 Nevada Center

30. Boston Celtics *Ryan Anderson 6-10 California Forward