Rule 51 What A Crock

Updated: June 15, 2008


Silence is Golden and

Silver and Bronze in

Beijing this Summer

IF you’re an Olympic

Athlete or anyone for

that matter who is

visiting the Peoples’


What a complete FRAUD and everyone including our CHANGE Master Barack Obama are SILENT while the Beijing Olympic is about to become the FRIGHTENING culmination of what awaits us all total control over everything we say and do aided and abetted by our government, the Olympic Committee and of course Corporate AMERICA who could not care less as long as they get to push their products.

What is Rule 51 ???

Rule 51, a section of the Olympic charter that bans any demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda in Olympic areas.

The complete and total BAN on any Olympic Athlete saying or doing anything at all that in anyway is an expression of their views on anything. And the Chinese DICTATORS did we say DICTATORS are piling on similar restriction on all the visitors and journalists who will be traveling to China for the Beijing Olympics in August. That includes our so called President George W. Bush.

But The Chinese Oppressors have nothing to worry about with him. George is one of the Biggest Fans of the Chinese DICTATORS. In fact the reason he is going is to kiss their Behinds.

The Chinese government has also banned any broadcasting from Tienenmann Square – why would anyone want to go there anyway nothing EVER happened there of note and of course don’t dare google Tienenmann Square in China actually go ahead ALL you will get are some pretty pictures – and other RESTRICTED sites.

Also some organizations have issued WARNINGS that the Chinese are likely to try and bug and otherwise compromise various kinds of electronic gear brought into Chinese by the media and visitors attending the Olympics including U.S. government officials.

Welcome to the WONDERFUL World of the Olympics

If all this were not BAD enough. The pollution in and around Beijing is horrendous and the the water supply is likely to be comprised while millions of Chinese lose access to their jobs and sensitive locations as the Chinese authorities attempt a cloak of complete control.

Once again AFRICAN Americans who have been victimized for hundreds of years by both government repression and more recently government indifference and neglect will be FORCED to do “their” part to foster repression and oppression in the name of the Olympic Spirit by competing in Beijing and winning Medals.

Of course African American athletes could refuse to go and SUFFER severely for the rest of their lives. OR they can go win Medals then speak their minds and have those Medals taken from them and suffer severely for the rest of their Lives.

Here is the Chinese Olympic Committee’s

Theme statement for the Beijing Olympics

they call it ONE WORLD ONE DREAM

actually we aren’t going to print it it is

a bunch of BULLSHIT worthless

self serving PROPAGANDA

but we will recommend

a replacement theme


at the Beijing Olympics