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Updated: June 17, 2008


In her 43 page law suit

Maurice Grant’s lawyer

makes the case


Is a culture of DISCRIMINATION that gives lie to NASCAR’s assertions that it is an equal opportunity Sport. BS is the real name of their game. Mauricia Grant who is AFRICAN American if you have not heard worked as a Technical Inspector for NASCAR’s second tier certifying cars that raced in events from January 2005 until he was terminated in October 2007 Grant claims after repeated episodes of racial and sexual abuse.

Here is how Grant’s attorney

Benedict Morelli describes

conditions at NASCAR

“It’s appears to be an old boys’ club with a lot of people who have known each other for a long time,” he said. “Some of the executives have people working for them who they’ve known for 20 years and they used to race cars together.”

” This isn’t a sophisticated operation; this is a bunch of nudniks hanging around together who just happen to be onto something because they were enterprising what is now a billion-dollar business. And they haven’t caught up with the fact that America actually has laws protecting women, people of color, people over 40 years old, etcetera.”

Get the Point

We could detail the episodes of Abuse but why bother. They are only too “average” and well documented in the law suit filed in Federal Court in New York City. 34 very specific incidents of RACIAL discrimination and 23 specific incidents of SEXUAL harassment. In fact most amount to both predicated on Grant’s RACE.

Mauricia Grant is seeking $225 MILLION in damages. While it will be a surprise if the Courts award her anywhere near that sum we can PRAY they will. NASCAR CEO Brian French and that entire operation need a WAKE up call.

They have been running their game too long constantly giving LIP Service to inclusion and equal opportunity when it is ALL a Sham. They have even conned the likes of MAGIC Johnson to carry water for them. Unfortunately for Johnson he did not display any MAGIC working for NASCAR just stupidity and naive-ness. Of course being paid GOOD money for doing so. Nothing like Selling Out for the ALMIGHTY Dollar.

Here is more of what Morelli

had to say for his Client

in a Sports Illustrated

interview …..

“There are a number of things that have to go on. NASCAR ultimately has to pay a lot of money — but they have to do more than that. They have to try to legitimately change the culture. In a lot of ways, a lawsuit like this could benefit them if they make the necessary changes.”

And then this …..

“You either have set up a culture where they know you don’t want to hear about it — or you’re not telling the truth and you did hear about it — or, you’re not doing your job. And it could be that all the people, all the supervisors that he has working for him, guard him from knowing the truth of the culture. It could be any of those. But the problem with those choices for NASCAR is that they all suck.”

And more Wisdom ….

“You know, when people have already said to me and to her: Well, you probably knew what you were getting into when you went to NASCAR; you have to have thick skin and all of that. And you know what my response to that is? No and No. You don’t have to have thick skin when someone’s calling you ‘Nappy-headed Mo.’ You don’t have to have thick skin when someone says, ‘You’re on colored people’s time.’ OK, you don’t have to have thick skin when someone pulls their pants down and shows you their penis. You don’t have to have thick skin. What you have to do is tell these people that are doing these outrageous things — can you imagine that one of these officials said to her that [his buddy’s daddy] is high in the KKK and he wanted her to know that. And I don’t believe that she has to have thick skin. I believe they have to abide by the law.”

And let’s close with …..

“We’re in a world — 2008 — the first time a woman ever came close to getting the nomination for the presidency,” he said. “And a black man did. [With that in mind,] it would probably behoove NASCAR to really be into diversity. We know that America is changing, but we have to change all the important institutions within America for us to have respect not only for ourselves, but for other people to have respect for us. And we have to do it with a real eye toward doing the right thing.”

AMEN Morelli

WIN this One

for Grant for

ALL of us

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