Queen of Olympics Trying To Live Up To Her Name In Beijing

Updated: June 30, 2008


Guaranteed she has the most

“interesting” name of any

U.S. Olympic Hopeful

Queen Quedith

Earth Harrison

Her talent is interesting as well. We’ll call her by the abbreviated Queen Harrison is America’s hope for Glory in the woman’s hurdles in Beijing. At 19 a rising star in Track & Field. In fact on Sunday Harrison qualified for the Olympic Team. She is going to Beijing.

Queen Harrison will be one of three American women along with Tiffany Ross-Williams and Sheena Tosta vying in the 400 meter hurdles at the Olympics. NO American has ever won this Event at the Olympics. Harrison expects a second chance at Gold also looking to qualify to compete in the 100 meter hurdles for Team USA.

Harrison has reached this point coming from a less than storied background. Her father is in prison and her mother has spent time. Adding more to the instability that surrounded her, Queen Harrison is one of 9 children William Harrison fathered with her mother Alicia Wingate. Then there are 14 other children her father has from other liaisons. 23 children total.

In fairness to William Harrison who had been a U.S. paratrooper in Vietnam appears to have found time before being convicted of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute which put him in jail in 1998 – time to instill in his kids including Queen a strong athletic discipline which has served her well. Early each morning in their youth in upstate New York Harrison put his kids through a daily rigorous athletic drill of running and jumping.

For Queen Harrison that ended when she was 9 when her father was locked in the Slammer since apparently later in the day after the early morning exercises he favored cocaine and marijuana. But his daughter survived her father’s troubles to go on to be a standout in track and field in high school before graduating to the University of Virginia. Where her prowess in the hurdles has developed by leaps and bounds making her one of the Best.

As for her father his severe sentence reduced recently for possession and questions about whether he ever intended to sell cocaine will be out on parole early in August soon enough to be able to watch his daughter on TV competing in Beijing later in August.

As for Queen Harrison she lived

up to her name in high school

being named Homecoming

Queen and Queen of

her Prom next up it’s

trying to be Queen

of the Olympics

Queen Harrison USA … USA …..USA