Praise The Lord

Updated: June 5, 2008


Maybe God is Black

after All TWO Big Wins

in one week first Obama

now Tim Beckham and the

second more Improbable

You decide. In 2008 is it more unlikely that a Presidential nominee be African American OR that the very first pick in the 2008 MLB Draft is African American. Did you pick the MLB Draft ? YOU WIN !! So did Tim Beckham. BIG !!!!

Maybe maybe the Tide is Turning ??? With all that has been written and as accurate as the “logic” is in a superficial way there is NO good reason NONE why African Americans have been disappearing from Baseball. Again you can repeat all the “reasons” that appear to make “sense” but it is just one more example of how a supposedly rationale even scientific analysis of a situation is ultimately GIBLIGOOK or whatever.

Baseball is an EXCELLENT career for an athletically talented African American. Even more so that it is a far healthier career than football and even putting Baseball up against the other favorite Basketball it is just as easy to make the case that Baseball is a “better” Sport to play as it is to make the case Basketball is a “better” Sport to play professionally. One issue is beyond dispute a gifted athlete will have a LONGER career in Baseball than the other 2.

Here is the Point

again his name is


Short Stop from

Griffin HS Georgia

And we are going to quote from MLB’s own Website to make our Point. ” Milk House erupted when Commissioner Bud Selig announced Beckham’s name, welcoming the Georgia prep star with an ovation worthy of his soccer counterpart. Beckham’s selection marks the 23rd time that a prep player has been taken with the top selection and first since the D-backs grabbed Justin Upton with the top pick in 2005. He is also the third consecutive prep shortstop to be chosen with the top selection. San Diego picked Matt Bush, since converted to a pitcher, in 2004.”

And this from Beckham himself

“This is great. I’m kind of speechless right now,” Beckham said. “This is what I’ve been dreaming to be and this is a dream come true. I worked this hard to get to this spot and it really came through.”

“I didn’t want to take it to my head too much, but I was hoping and praying I was going to be the No. 1 pick. I didn’t want to tell everybody I was the No. 1 pick when I didn’t really know. It’s a dream come true and it’s an honor and a blessing to be with the Tampa Bay Rays.”

And more Beckham

” Beckham, who led Griffin High to the Georgia State AAAA High School championship earlier this month, is a rare five-tool blend who coaxes power, speed and defense out of his 6-foot-2 frame. While the Rays were toying with the idea of grabbing several other players with the top pick, including Posey, the consensus was to grab Beckham.”

” We project him to be a true impact player,” Tampa’s executive vice president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said. “He has an advanced offensive approach, coupled with outstanding athleticism and a genuine enthusiasm for the game. We are anxious to get him signed and to begin the path to the Major Leagues.”

The right-handed-hitting Beckham batted .482 (53-for-110) with six homers, 41 RBIs, 58 runs scored and 23 steals. He hit .512 as a junior and is the first player chosen out of a Georgia school with the top selection since the Padres selected Mike Ivie in 1970.”

YES African American

Justin Upton was #1

in the 2005 Draft

now Beckham in

2008′s MLB Draft

NOT Bad let’s hope

it’s a Trend in fact

let’s make it so !