Plans Within Plans

By Michael-Louis Ingram
Updated: June 23, 2008

PHILADELPHIA — As we approach the seventh anniversary of the September 11th attack, two reports, released five years ago, may provide kindling for another bonfire of protest before years’ end.

America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in their assessment of air quality after the explosion of the Twin Towers, concluded the air around Ground Zero was safe before sufficient testing was completed.

No one ever took EPA head Christine Todd Whitman for passing this lie on to the American public. And because of that, people are dying because of bureaucratic bullshit.

So someone like a George Martin shouldn’t have had to walk over 3,000 miles to make the point those affected by that disaster need expedited treatment to help them deal with what quality of life they have left.

The ex-Giants defensive lineman reportedly lost 40 pounds in his 22 mile a day jaunt across our country; but the SportsCenter mentality focused more on “Pacman” Jones asking to be called by his natural name and pseudo-hip catch phrases than give attention to this.

If they had just asked anyone living in Chinatown or TriBeCa (Triangle below Canal Street), two neighborhoods beyond the surrounding area about air quality, they would’ve told them a different story.

Facial masks were standard issue over four months after September 11th and in my dozen visits between then and now, I can personally concur to a distinct difference in the air from uptown to downtown at Ground Zero.

The Towers, essentially a mass of asbestos, glass and steel, were vaporized in the incident, and the release of the asbestos and other toxins in the inferno has yet to be completed.

Just as elements like carbon-14, strontium-90, cesium-137, uranium-235, uranium-238, and plutonium-239 break down after the explosion of nuclear devices via the “half-life” principle, so too does asbestos, albeit to a far lesser degree.

In the quest to return to some sort of immediate normalcy, the most abnormal thing was done to prevent such an occurrence from happening; and, in my humble opinion, this was done at the behest of our government and the EPA.

While any elementary science student worth his or her schoolbooks may know that, the government felt such information was beneath the publics’ notice.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the second report may prove to be even more damning. The Port Authority of New York released transcripts of 911 calls from workers and personnel within both Towers after the fateful first strike.

Because of the inability to provide direction/assistance to hundreds of frightened callers, many stood pat, unknowingly awaiting their deaths, among them employees and management of the landmark restaurant, “Windows on the World,” which was located on the 107th floor of One World Trade Center.

One specific cry for help, however, evoked a most disturbing response. After the second tower was destroyed, an operator responded to a distress call by replying a third plane was also headed for New York City and that the military had been informed and were taking action.”

Those very words may be the answer to a question some Canadians may have been asking themselves since that fateful day. I distinctly remember hearing over the Canadian news channel (more than once, I might add) five planes had struck targets in the U.S. Then, sometime later, the news focused on four targets (the Towers, the Pentagon and the downed flight in Pennsylvania) with no further mention of a fifth target.

Finley Pinkard of Queens, New York is one of many who lost their jobs due to the after effects of September 11th —and like many New Yorkers feels he knows who is responsible. “Anyone who doesn’t believe George Bush Jr. and his father are responsible for this happening must be out of their minds,” fumed Pinkard. “Whatever agenda the Bushes had from the beginning, it’s not working for anyone here seven years later.

“They are putting more money into Iraq than they are in trying to restore or repair anything here; and meanwhile two natural disasters and thousands more serving our country are coming home in body bags.” Mr. Pinkard also confirmed that four planes hit targets, and never at any time heard five planes striking the U.S.

Days later at Yankee Stadium and the emotional ceremony which has now developed into a revised seventh-inning ritual, we reaffirm our standing by singing “God Bless America.”

Meanwhile, the Yankees, who have money and money’s Mama, want you to kick another $400 million for their new stadium.

Can someone tell me how the fuck do we honor America by building another stadium that most folks can’t afford to go to? And why isn’t that taxpayer cash going to help those who were medically affected by 9/11?

And what of the National Football League, who at one time got caught up in the pain of 9/11 and were supposedly to be considering a Super Bowl in the New York metropolitan area. I guess it had as much appeal as getting your cock sucked with a condom on to those that mattered, because the subject had as much shelf life as cum stains on a dark-colored dress.

As new stadia are erected across this nation, more and more of those implosions of old stadia are looking very similar to the Twin Towers crumbling before our eyes. What do you say to folks who think there’s something funky going on when they can see it in front of their faces?

Maybe George Martin’s effort should have been focused on the gridiron greats that were pimped-out by their own Players’ Union. Men who are damaged beyond time’s healing factor because they cannot afford a quality of life befitting their contributions in making a professional sports league, a generation of select young men– and, in some cases, a handful of stupid, immature Black muthafuckas– wealthy.

This is by no means knocking Brother Martin; he did the right thing without hesitation, and we all are proud of him.

Science fiction author Frank Herbert, in his best-selling Dune series of books spoke of “plans within plans” as the standard operating procedure in taking action for and against the status quo.

Last Days & Time

Political blustering notwithstanding, most people could see through the bombast and were asking why would the government want to keep such important information from the people that needed it most, and at such a crucial time? While opinions are many, the roads to any possible answer seem to end at one particular destination — conspiracy.

By definition, a conspiracy is a secret plan conceived by a group. Sadly, for many people living in North America and around the world, 2008 has become a year of reflection and reminder; of days gone by and last days of time. Like many others, I have been subjected to rewinding and replaying the burning knowledge of where I was and what I was doing when the unthinkable happened…

My first thought of November 22, 1963 is always recess at Public School 128. My class, 4-1, is playing softball against Class 4-6, and I’m third up in the inning. We’re down 4-2, but Harold Holloway leads off with a single.

Billy Klotzbach steps up to bat, and just as I’m walking into the on-deck circle, Miss McCafferty blows the whistle, telling us to bring in the equipment. Once back in our home room, the principal, a sadistic bastard named Mr. Frank, announces over the public address system that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy had been “assassinated,”– the last word hanging in the air like the high pop fly Luis Torres hit to our second baseman Rosa Marquez to end the previous inning…

Almost five years later, Robert Kennedy, brother of John and a presidential hopeful, was murdered moments after winning a primary election in California. In both cases, a single gunman was charged with the crime, one conveniently killed (Lee Harvey Oswald) and one incarcerated for life (Sirhan Sirhan).

Just as in the movie “JFK”, I was about to sit down to eat something when my sister Skippy screamed at the television after seeing Kennedy’s blood oozing out of his head. I remember her crying more because she felt her boyfriend Leroy (who would later become my brother-in-law) would be stuck in the jungles of Vietnam for an even longer time…

While a “probable conspiracy” has been grudgingly admitted to 45 years later, the motives for killing both Kennedys was never made plausible until you understand the mindset behind those doing the deed. Everywhere else in the world, heads of state died at the hands of conspirators; only in America did its leaders die because of a “lone nut gunman.”

So who did it? Well, probably the same group that felt with the money, talent and connections Catholic outsider Joseph Kennedy had acquired, he looked to create his own American royalty in the 1960s, with his sons obtaining the highest offices for a period lasting over a generation.

Now Barack Obama, with a similar vision, posture and funds– gathering apparatus is looking to make similar inroads. Can anyone with any conscience not be thinking what may be running through the minds of some of us?

I always wondered what it must be like to watch your two oldest brothers being murdered, only to see it over and over again while having the events being described to millions. Other than wanting revenge, I guess if I were Edward Kennedy, I might’ve been co-opted into some sort of substance abuser myself…

But what forces co-opt the inane drones who run professional and amateur sports? Until Myles Brand and the rest of the overseers running the NCAA plantation are overthrown, a lot of smiling faces will continue to pretend to be our friends on Saturdays in the fall.

And those same faces will be laughing at those suffering pulmonary and renal failure, coughing and wheezing their last breaths, so fearful of fluid building up in their lungs they know, unlike the rest of us their next breath really could be their last.

Can You Count, Suckas?

Ironically the recent win by the Boston Celtics over the Los Angeles Lakers for the National Basketball Association championship had me recalling one of the more intriguing movies of the 1970s; an action film (called then and now by the media as the genre ‘blaxploitation’) entitled, “Three the Hard Way.”

Starring Kung-fu master Jim Kelly and ex-football stars Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and Jim (the brother was so bad, he didn’t need a nickname!) Brown, the plot centered on poisoning the water supply in three American cities in a way where it would only affect Black people.

While we cheered in the theater as the bad guys were foiled (given the obligatory car chases and butt-whippings supplied by our super bad brethren), the sad truth is, they may have been at least 60 years too late.

Unfortunately, the fears of many were realized as a ground breaking novel, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola,” written in 1997 by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, blows the doors off any suspicion AIDS was not some fluke of nature, but part of an agenda that sought to eliminate people of color off the face of the earth, or, at very least, diminish their numbers to what the status quo would deem manageable.

According to Dr. Horowitz, the path to genocide did not start with Adolf Hitler –it started with the Rockefellers. As far back as the 1920s, the Rockefeller family was driven to prove Black people were genetically inferior to white ones, and their foundation for truth was a Center for Eugenics, where the practice of preaching proof of superiority began.

“From these beginnings,” quotes Horowitz, “Hitler utilized these same beliefs in writing ‘Mein Kampf’ — with Jews replacing Black people in the twisted logic of evil.” Sometime after World War II, the name of the Center for Eugenics was changed to “The Genome Project” — a clean sheet, but the same hood hiding the same intentions.

Now, you could say what does this have to do with killing Black folks? Everything — from slavery to the Three-Fifths Compromise (the U.S. declared concession that five black men were equal to three white men) to the infamous Tuskegee experiments with syphilis, to the AIDS pandemic — all were done to ignore a specific truth; there are far more people ‘of color’ than those without — and those in control are very aware of this fact.

Dr. Horowitz knows this as well, and, in my opinion, does humanity a huge favor by providing proof of the U.S. government’s intent to create and disperse AIDS to the areas on greatest concentration. No Oliver Stone-flavored conspiracy stuff here; just names, dates, and, most importantly, copies of contracts people the United States government used to develop their biological warfare program, most of the work done at laboratories located in Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Another of my all-time heroes, along with Dr. Horowitz is Joel A. Rogers, the historian/archivist who painstakingly sought to disprove the perception about Black people in his works (“World’s Great Men of Color” “100 Amazing Facts about The Negro — With Complete Proof”, “The Five Negro Presidents”). While Rogers’ proof was factual regarding the collective culture, Horowitz’s proof is factual regarding our survival.

There are three distinct differences between myself and everyone else on this ball of dirt we call the Earth: the color/texture of one’s hair (my daughter Debbie would say ‘or lack of…’), eye color, and the amount of melanin in one’s skin — that’s it. However, this reality doesn’t sit well with a status quo operating on a 24/7/365 basis to stay in control.

It may take a nation of millions to hold us back, but an effort of billions is needed to counter these distractions; these “plans within plans” and recognize our future can eventually fall back in our own hands again…if you can count.