Mortgage Man Shaquille Oneal

Updated: June 22, 2008


With his Basketball

Career nearing it’s

END Shaq O’Neal

is branching out

And he may have a Deal for you ? A Mortgage Deal if you got STUNG by the Sub-Prime SCAM. Shaquille O’Neal may be riding to the Rescue. Even call it an Encore to his yeoman efforts after Hurricane Katrina leading a Caravan of supplies from Florida to the storm ravaged city. Here is the Box we like to report on Black Athletes doing good even if there are not as many instances as there should be.

To the Present. O’Neal has taken up the Gauntlet of the Sub-Prime Mortgage MESS. It may be far too early to predict if he will have any impact but here is what he intends to do. Actually he may not even have a plan yet. What he thinks he wants to do is assist low income families in Florida for now anyway who are under the threat of Foreclosure for falling behind in their Sub-Prime Mortgage payments.

Already on the strength of some vague comments he has made Shaq has received more than 2000 emails from Floridians looking for some Relief from O’Neal if they can get it. In concept what Shaquille wants to do is buy up these BS mortgages from the Hard Pressed and replace them with others that have more realistic payment schedules. He says he thinks he can make a small profit for himself doing so. So far no one knows how ???

Shaq certainly has big shoes others might not be able to fill. Size 23EEE carrying 325+ pounds around. He is also carrying a $20Million a year salary for at least one more season. Still the Skeptics are out there. If O’Neal really does have a way to take on over-valued mortgages and on homes that may continue to decline in value only making the situation worse, take those mortgages off the shoulders of the home owners give them a better deal and still make a PROFIT on the Sucker Mortgages. WOW.

Of course what might really be going on is that Shaq by doing this in a few cases will take a personal loss to SAVE a few families from losing everything. Nothing wrong with that. But the thousands who are contacting him seem to have very different expectations.

If O’Neal is going to address the larger issue if he has a formula to turn garbage into gold he will do something that has alluded the supposedly best minds in the country. The ones who created this MESS to be specific. That might land him on both the Obama and McCain SHORT list of possible Vice Presidential running mates. Why not ?

So let’s keep an OPEN mind

Shaquille O’Neal’s heart

seems to be in the right

place now it depends

is his Bank Account

and his Logic in

the Same Place

Stay Tuned