Michael vs. Kobe

By Tony Price
Updated: June 16, 2008

BOSTON — At the start of the NBA Championship series between the Celtics & Lakers, there was a lot of comparison and discussion about Kobe Bryant measuring up to the greatness of Michael Jordan and his taking the rightful place of securing the mantle of greatness.

If his Lakers can some how come back and win this series, the comparisons and debate will only continue. A lot of people have weighed in on this topic and depending on your personal opinion you fall into one of two categories.

Yes, they are one in the same or No way ,there will never be another Jordan!

Below are my top five reasons why I say they are more alike than different:

5. Both men have a competitive nature that thrives in crunch time, its that something special that separates them from the rest and packs arena’s , people expect to see something spectacular and witness history each time they step on the floor.

4. Both are can’t miss Hall of Famers, who in their prime are or were the most feared and respected player in the league and have captured multiple championships.

3. Both men are media icons and have generated lots of revenue for large corporations (shoe companies, menswear, personal products, etc). Question: I wonder how many people of color (in particular black) have they helped to employ at those companies?

2. Neither of them has ever publicly come out in support or endorsed any causes (political, economical or social) that effect people of color.

And the number one reason why I think they are both cut from the same cloth:

They both cheated on their beautiful wives (in Jordan’s case ex-wife) with some homely looking women.

These sisters (Juanita Vanoy Jordan and Vanessa Laine Bryant) are fine.

Why go elsewhere and settle for less?

Yeah, I said it!!