Me And Mister Jones

By Gregory Moore
Updated: June 23, 2008

SAN ANTONIO — When it comes to an image makeover, I don’t know if Deion Sanders would be the guy who I’d call.

But then again I’m not Adam “Pacman” Jones either.

Okay let me get used to this. Adam Jones.

Adam Jones. There just isn’t a ring to it.

But then again, maybe that is what is needed for Jones.

What’s in a moniker when you are trying to shed a bad image?


Jones’ past haunts him to this hour. If you haven’t read the papers “Pacman” is still wreaking havoc in Jones’ new life.

His home in Tennessee is on the selling block Friday and the woman who was a part of that Las Vegas melee at a strip club was found dead last week in Brooklyn, New York.

The “Pacman” persona almost cost Jones his career and livelihood and could put him in jail if he isn’t careful. So changing who he is both publicly and privately is his only option.

Okay, Adam. I see you, working man. I see you working.

Jerry Jones, aka the caretaker for the Dallas Rehabilitation Home known as the Dallas Cowboys, has given you an opportunity to change your life and save yourself from yourself.

He has given you a contract that allows you to make money and earn a living but if you go astray, it’s no big deal to him salary cap wise.

Okay Jerry I see you working too.

You want to shore up a secondary that is more about trying to catch up to the play rather than make the play and Jones is a talent. And if you can get a player the caliber of Jones for cheap, it’s a smart move. And to ensure that this is a success, you have asked a couple of former players to help out in keeping guy out of trouble.

Okay I see the plan now and you know what? It just might work; at least in this case.

Adam Jones’ biggest problem was whom he surrounded himself with.

As unscientific of what I am about to say may be, there is some truth to this statement: every black athlete who has gotten into trouble recently can blame his ‘posse’ to some extent.

Is that scientific? No but it is probably accurate just the same.

Look at whom Jones has surrounded himself with now. Sanders, Irvin and Rush.

I don’t know much about Rev. Rush but Sanders and Irvin were playas of the highest caliber.

I remember Primetime’s antics back in the late 1980s and during the 1990s.

C’mon this was the guy who while playing for the Atlanta Falcons had a posse that included MC Hammer and their theme song was “Too Legit 2 Quit”.

The Playmaker? Please his accolades are notorious in Irving as a womanizer and everything else.

But both of these guys grew up and they did so before they were headed down the wrong path in life.

And so maybe these two former Cowboys can help Jones in his new life.

Maybe what it takes for Jones to realize that his life, not just his career, is lying in an ICU somewhere is to have two guys who used to live out on the edge where he tried to live.

If that is what it takes for Adam Jones to shed “Pacman” Jones, then I’m all for it.

Jones is getting a second opportunity of getting his dream to be what he envisioned and not many people can say they get such an opportunity.

Will he succeed?

That is only up to him..

But this will be one sports journalist who will take a wait and see attitude this time around and not jump to conclusions.

Adam wants to reinvent himself and he should be allowed to do so.

Can he do it up in Big D?

Well only time will tell but if he listens to two guys who been down the road he tried to travel, he just might succeed.

And I would rather write stories about Adam Jones than the nefarious Pacman Jones of the ATL any day.