Just Say No

Updated: June 12, 2008


Well IF Reverend Al Sharpton

did not come to his senses

after reading Thursday’s

Box maybe this will

WAKE him up

( NOT )

Here is what the New York Yankees WANT or is it what they are DEMANDING. Another $400,000,000 that’s $400 MILLION from the TAX payers of New York City to complete their NEW stadium excuse us Pleasure PALACE that 90%+ of New Yorkers can’t really afford and that 99% of them will NOT have access to the VIP features at all.

Now our perspective is specific

LARGEST group in New York City

who are AFRICAN Americans

MILLIONS of African Americans who live in the largest city in the U.S.A. by far New York City with 8,000,000 residents MILLIONS of them AFRICAN American who are being asked to give even more than the hundreds of million in improvements and enhancements and GIVE AWAYS the people of New York City are already giving the Steinbrenner family the OWNERS of the New York Yankees a PRIVATE PROFIT MAKING company.

The most VALUABLE franchise in Sports WORLDWIDE worth today far more than $1,000,000,000 that’s FAR MORE THAN $1 BILLION and that is before their new Pleasure PALACE is completed. Do we really need to say any more for you already to know this is a SUCKER deal for New York City and its residents most of all its AFRICAN American residents. But we will tell you more …..

It seems the New York Yankees new Pleasure PALACE has gone way OVER budget. OVER budget because it is the Sports World’s ULTIMATE PLEASURE PALACE for the rich, the famous and of course their friends the politicians.

Seems the NEW Yankee Stadium now has a price tag of $1,300,0000,000 THAT’S RIGHT ONE BILLION THREE HUNDRED MILLION AND RISING. When all is said and done the price tag for the Yankees Pleasure PALACE is likely to be more than $ 1 1/2 BILLION. Or is that $2 Billion ?? Wanna bet !! If you include EVERYthing.

To be precise all the Yankees want is yet another $400 Million in NYC tax FREE bonds to add to the $900 Million in tax FREE bonds they have already received from New York City. These municipal bonds for a PRIVATE development hurt in two ways they make it harder and more expensive for NYC to issue bonds for other purposes like PUBLIC purposes and they STEAL tax revenue because they are tax FREE. And the Yankees aren’t giving any FREE game tickets to NYC tax PAYERS in return. Just the opposite the NY Yankees will have the most EXPENSIVE seats in all of Baseball in the NEW Stadium.

Hey Mayor Mike how about

calling George Steinbrenner


What is he going to do. Abandon the New Stadium. Move the team to Hong Kong. NO without more PUBLIC funds the Super Rich Steinbrenner Family who can also simply borrow at low interest rates ALL the money they want using the Yankees franchise as collateral all they will do is actually PAY for the cost overruns themselves.

Here is the Point if you need it

The Yankees have ONE African American on their roster LaTroy Hawkins and yes we almost forgot “I pass for White” half Black Derek Jeter. The REAL issue is the Yankees in building their new Pleasure PALACE have not announced even one program let alone some kind of Baseball Academy to give Black kids a better chance to grow up and be professional Baseball players and “maybe” (sic) play for the Yankees.

In reality all these rich PUNKS otherwise known as the Steinbrenner Family of Tampa, FLORIDA is doing is plucking every last dollars they possibly can from the PRIVILEGE of having New York City allowing them to have an MLB team here.

And Al Sharpton does NOT have a CLUE

he thinks having the All Star Game

at YANKEE Stadium is a good

reason to protest about something

that has NOTHING at all to do

with Baseball and African

Americans getting


the Yankees