Is This The End

Updated: June 7, 2008



or is this like those

never ending FAREWELL

tours Old Rockers do again

and again and again

Tina Turner is pushing 65 and she said her rocking days on stage were over after her last farewell tour. That she was retiring to her luxurious home in France for “good.” Isn’t that what she said ? We’ll SURPRISE. Old Tina Turner will be grinding it out again this Summer here, there and everywhere night after night after night in huge arenas for the Big Bucks. That’s right the Big Bucks and the Roar of the Crowd have entertainers and athletes coming back for more and more until they SHUT the Lid. Or almost.

But this is NOT about Tina Turner

so what’s the Story Black Box

Just a creative intro into the real subject of Box interest. Floyd Mayweather Jr. just announced he is retiring from the stage SORRY ring and he’s just 31. What are the Odds he’ll stayed retired even more since many Great Boxers often reach their Prime in their mid-30s very athletic and by then fabulous tacticians of the Ring. Plus the world is filled with THIRD rate fighters for them to pummel. For $$$$$$$$.

On the Other Hand

Floyd Mayweather Jr. according to many the Best Fighter on Earth today has no absolute incentive to get back in the Ring and possibly get his Pretty Face mashed up. Nor does he probably have a passion for the months of training and deprivation the best fighters put themselves through in the months leading up to the next Big Fight.

On the Other Hand

hey how many Hands do

you have as many as we need

There is nothing like a Famous Fighter just like Floyd Mayweather Jr. to say he is RETIRING and a year or two later announce he is coming BACK to get the electronic cash registers ringing again in Vegas and even louder at HBO over-pay-per-view.

Even more as we know

from reading the Box

faithfully religiously

GREED has no limits on Planet Earth. Business person, Entertainer, Athlete, Minister, Con Artist, Government Official or any combination thereof. In other words what is Rich ???? It’s anybody’s guess. And what is RICH enough ?? We now know being a Simple Billionaire in 2008 is no longer a Big Deal. Being worth $3-$4 Billion won’t even get you into the most exclusive clubs any more. The REALLY rich pity you they don’t invite you in.

What’s the Point

STOP the Preaching

OK here is the Point. Sorry we are not inside Floyd Mayweather’s head. But let’s say he’s worth $ 50 Million – sorry that’s what he made from his last Fight or two – no make that $200 Million+ after going 39-0 with 25 KOs in the Ring and having BIG payday after BIG payday, plus his endorsement deals, business ventures, stock portfolio, etc. etc.

Who is to say that will keep him HAPPY forever or even the next year or two. And then there is the ROAROAROAR of the Crowd and all that goes with it. Yes you still get Buzz when you walk into a restaurant or even a library as a RETIRED Champion but it simply is not the same as still being on “stage.” And even more knowing how We the Public LOVE the “unexpected” (sic) return of a Star to the Ring or the Stage even if it’s much like scaring yourself by putting out the lights. It’s make believe but it works !

So while Floyd Mayweather Jr.

is attending Tina Turner’s latest

FAREWELL tour this summer

here there or wherever he

wants to go and Tina maybe

introduces him to HER crowd

how long before Floyd decides

he wants HIS crowd back and

Vegas and HBO welcome him

with Fists full of $$$$$$$

Enjoy your “retirement”

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

see you at Tina’s

Floyd Mayweather ” I’M GOING TO SEE TINA .. RINGSIDE “