Is Lebron Brooklyn $$$$ Bound And Is There A Secret Plan

Updated: June 27, 2008


LeBron has done his time

or soon will in Cleveland

whether he brings them a

Championship or not

Time to CASH in with

those BRIGHT Lights

maybe not the Garden’s

but Brooklyn’s instead

You always knew or should have LeBron James would NOT spend his entire career in Cleveland No matter how intimate his ties to that City. It’s that Duel Seductress for the Best Player in Sports. The Money and the Fame and they are inseparable. In the mind of Some it is a foregone conclusion James spends the PEAK years of his NBA career in New York City.

Yet there are some who forget

New York City has 5 Boros

ever hear of Brooklyn

Now while the still called New Jersey Nets are camped out in the Meadowlands especially with a recent Supreme Court “decision” which technically had nothing to do with them – as a result they are ever closer to becoming the BROOKLYN ………… certainly NOT Nets.

And therein lies the Tale and Today’s Box.

Whacky Jimmy Dolan having ended his LOVE affair with Isiah Thomas needs a new object of his Billionaire’s Affection. WHO BETTER THAN LeBron James. And it might have seemed so so EASY just open up the door to the Dolan safety deposit box and say LeBron ” take as much as you want ……. it doesn’t matter we’ll make it all up and much much more once once you are a New York Knickerbockers playing in OUR Garden.”

NOT so fast CRAZY Jimmy

ENTER Billionaire Bruce Ratner but he is NOT alone IS THAT J-ZEE THE J-ZEE Beyonce’s MAN walking hand in hand with Bruce. YES it is and they’re saying YES WE CAN YES WE CAN ( even if Barack Obama is NO where in sight so far ).

Here is THE Deal

Lebron James and J-Zee are TIGHT as in VERY TIGHT. And while Bruce Ratner is the MAJORITY owner of the Nets J-Zee is one of the MINORITY owners and to add more “intrigue” J-Zee is BROOKLYN born and raised. Now you can fill in the rest. J-Zee is doing everything he can to convince LeBron that BROOKLYN is not only the TRUE center of New York City but the ENTIRE Basketball Universe. Will be anyway. Will he succeed ??

Here is what we do know.

An EPIC Battle of the Big Bucks is brewing AFTER LeBron gets over the minor inconvenience of NEXT season after which he is FREE to become a Billionaire or close to one. So for the casual observer NOT insightful enough to read the Box the idea of James forsaking the Garden for Brooklyn is preposterous it is NOT. Even IF it won’t be an easy sell even for J-Zee with he and Beyonce singing up a STORM for LeBron.

Before we get to THE Story you

actually TWO Stories you

won’t read anywhere else

We need to get some BS out of the Way. The reason the Nets are still lost in New Jersey and not already playing their home games in The Great City of BROOKLYN is that Whacky Jimmy Dolan (believe it or not) is NOT the only WHACKY person in New York City. There is a small group of WHACKED out 60s hippies and their “children” all SUFFERED from taking too many TRIPS without ever leaving Brooklyn who have …..

…….. decided development in Brooklyn is the DEVIL’s work and Bruce Ratner is the DEVIL. Somehow and we mean somehow they have come up with millions in legal funds a couple of tenants and one or two small building owners in the vicinity of the proposed Brooklyn arena to slow progress down. So part of the problem for Ratner and J-Zee to get James to Brooklyn is exactly when will the now called Nets move into the NEWEST arena in the NBA that is NOT even built yet. HERE IS WHAT WE DO KNOW. LEBRON JAMES IS NOT GOING TO SPEND THE REST OF HIS CAREER IN THE SWAMPS OF NEW JERSEY.

So here is STORY One you

will read nowhere else

Who will be the biggest LOSER Lebron or NO LeBron IF the Nets move to Brooklyn yes yes yes no other than WHACKY Jimmy Dolan. Who has the funds and the interest in impeding Bruce Ratner moving an NBA franchise to Brooklyn THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON WHACKY Jimmy Dolan. Until proven otherwise the Box states that far and away and secretly of course the most likely source for the millions these WHACKED out did we say WHITE hippies in Brooklyn are using to spend millions in Court is coming from the Dolan “slush” fund.

Here is Story Two you

will read ONLY here

Slush fund or no slush fund as long as Ratner overcomes the Brooklyn Idiots and after the Supreme Court this week REFUSED to hear their case against Ratner FINALLY he begins actually building the arena and there is NO doubt if not in the 2010-2011 season certainly in the 2011-2012 NBA season the team will be playing in BROOKLYN in the newest and most luxurious arena in the entire NBA then ………

Here is the BATTLE for LeBron James ….

We can assume Dolan and Ratner will match contract offers dollar for dollar and the so called appeal of Manhattan will be counter-balanced by J-Zee’s Brooklyn boast. We might even add – but not count on it – LeBron might be intrigued by playing in the MOST African American city of all Brooklyn. Anyway here is what may well decide whether LeBron James goes to Manhattan or over the Bridge to Brooklyn …….

it can be summed up in


WOOWOOWOO. Hey Black Box don’t you know NBA players are FORBIDDEN from having ownership stakes in NBA teams. YES WE DO. That will NOT stop this Deal. The NBA knowing the value to the entire franchise having James somewhere in NYC playing during his Glory Days will agree to some subterfuge wit the same result EQUITY for LeBron.

Maybe it will be in his father’s name. How about J-Zee’s. Or maybe he will be given an “option” to buy a piece of the team he can exercise the moment he retires. It does not matter. Once the first big situation develops the NBA will decide its Biggest and Best Players who keep the NBA a big success the very few that any owner is going to be tempted to give equity a way will be found. It might be as simple as James agreeing to play the rest of his career with the team but if he does not the equity must be returned to the team.

So which way will LeBron go

we say do yourself a favor


far better than any

Whacky Garden