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Updated: June 7, 2008


We’ve done this before

and will again assist

Rich Black Athletes

SELL their homes

Today our services go to Evander Holyfield. Or is it his Bank ?? Apparently Evander still loved his opulent yes $10,000,000 home are certainly opulent except maybe by the standards of Zillionaires who spend way more than that simply renovating the $100 Million – $500 Million palaces they buy and sell buy and sell.

here is the Deal on Holyfield

This week his 109 room mansion that’s right ONE HUNDRED NINE room mansion was FORECLOSED on him. Yes another VICTIM of the Sub-Prime Scam or is he ? Oh before we forget his ( former ) ONE HUNDRED NINE room mansion on 235 acres that’s TWO HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE acres in Fulton County, Georgia. Any idea WHY anyone needs ONE HUNDRED NINE rooms and TWO HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE acres ??

Maybe because he has ELEVEN children. Still. That leaves 90 plus other rooms to fill. And if he assigns each of the kids an acre plus to play in that still leaves over 200 acres. Presumably Evander has lots of relatives and friends and YES there is always the ever present entourage ….

…… and as we know Famous Boxers are “required” to have BIGGER entourages than other kinds of Famous Athletes. Who knows Holyfield might have an entourage of 50 or more and each of them need a room plus their own acres to enjoy.

Maybe this all makes sense !!!

Holyfield who is 45 has added to his travails by taking out multiple mortgages on the property also OHOH Evander is way behind on his child support payments. It appears some or is it all those kids do not live in the Mansion and neither does their Mother(s).

Let’s address the other obvious Question as a Famous Successful Boxer how much money in total has Holyfield run through to reach the point that his mansion is being foreclosed, the Courts are after him for child support and he has various other law suits pending for monies owed to any number of parties.

The answer is estimated to be $248,000,000 that’s TWO HUNDRED FORTY EIGHT MILLION possibly a modest sum compared to what Mike Tyson has pissed away over the years but still fairly substantial in some Circles. Yours for one !

But enough of this Sidebar

The Box is here today to sell Holyfield’s mansion for him and help him out of his financial woes. Now we need to give you more details about the property instead of Rumor Mill about his life. We’re professionals here in the Box. But since the Box is not a licensed real estate agent we will not get a penny for our services not that we want anything but Evander’s gratitude and an invitation to his next Mansion. Of course.

What we have for you

and we will leave you

with the link to the

excellent photo gallery

of Holyfield’s Mansion

the auction is scheduled

for July 1st as of now

here’s the link and

Good Luck if you bid

don’t forget to invite us

if you buy the mansion