Fresno Won African Americans

Updated: June 26, 2008


It is a Tale we tell

NOT told by Idiots

as Shakespeare wrote

( they’re the subject )

by told by the Box

over and over and

over again about

most Sports most

of all College

Sports and

again and


Baseball. Certainly the PREFECT example today’s Box Fresno State is the TOAST of Collage Sports. Yesterday they did something the most enthusiastic call UNPRECEDENTED in the annals of Sports. What those same observers might call the IMPOSSIBLE little obscure even invisible Fresno State WON the NCAA College World Series.

We are not here to PRAISE Fresno State

every one else is who cares you can

for all we care our purpose is

DIFFERENT. Isn’t it usually. We are here to say what NO other Media anywhere will. That Fresco State WON the NCAA Baseball WORLD Series without a single African American player on its Roster. Needless to add WITHOUT any Black coaches or other officials.

There are 27 players on the Fresno State roster NONE are African American. The entire operation is Lily WHITE. We should tell you a little about Fresno, California itself shouldn’t we or what that is worth. It has a 5 member Board of Supervisors governing it. All WHITE of course.

Tell us something we don’t know. Fresno is California’s 6th largest city. Latest population count 427, 652 of which 35,763 AFRICAN Americans. Close to 10%. It is subject to a Mediterranean climate if you care and the first Europeans arrived in the early 1800s.

Fresno State College is another matter. It is both a local and regional college and students are certainly NOT limited to the immediate area. It is one of 23 campuses of the HUGE California State University system. 22,000 students attend Fresno. How many AFRICAN Americans. 1172 Black students equaling 5.2%. NONE on the Baseball team as noted.

We could survey ALL the Sports at Fresno State and detail the dismally low number of African Americans on team after team. But why bother. We are not here to KICK Fresno State in the Shins even if it might appear that way to unenlightened few.

OUR REAL POINT is to point out once again the pathetic state of College BASEBALL and of course BASEBALL in general for young Black Americans. NONE of these colleges even little Fresno State which just experienced the most GLORIOUS moment in its history WINNING the NCAA College Baseball WORLD Series let alone the so called College POWERHOUSES who do NOTHING to pursue AFRICAN American players for their teams.

Young African Americans are

going to re-assert themselves

in BASEBALL by doing it

themselves and they should

because BASEBALL is one

fabulous Sport to play better

than OTHERS in many ways

with lots of HIGH paying

MLB positions to fill year

after year after year who

cares about Fresno State

care about Baseball and

its BLACK potential

not in the past still in