Fire Minaya After He Scapegoats Randolph Fights Back

Updated: June 18, 2008


What’s even worse than being

MANIACAL which is defined as

afflicted with INSANITY is to be


defined as cut-throat pimp loser or

SCUM of the Earth if you prefer

What he did to Willie Randolph to save his pathetic skin is beyond reproach doing a HATCHET Job on Willie so Omar can remain owner Wilpon’s BOY. If Latinos have any self-respect they should dis-own this LOW life in Droves.

Just to make it that much more PATHETIC he has Willie Randolph fly clear across he country just as far away from New York City as possible – good thing there isn’t an MLB team in Hawaii – and them adding more insult to more injury he FIRES Randolph in the middle of the night and puts out an email telling the world at 3AM in the morning.

call it what it is


At least Willie is fighting back if ever so meekly so he does not get BLACK Listed from Baseball for the rest of his Life. So while Randolph did so ever so softly he is effect has called Minaya a LIAR for the way Minaya self-servingly described Randolph’s firing to the media. Here is some of what Willie said. ” I thought he ( Minaya ) was talking about whacking a couple of my coaches. That’s why I was stunned,” Randolph said. “I didn’t think it was going to happen. At the time, I felt the way he was talking to me, that I was pretty secure for the time being.”

And this …..

“People know who I am and understand that I deserve better.”

Hear that Omar Minaya LOW life

Want to know why it is even WORSE. Minaya did not even allow Randolph the most basic of decencies preventing him from addressing the team one last time to say good bye and good luck and have some Closure. Excuse us did we mention Omar Minaya is a PUNK. If you see him PLEASE tell him the Black Box calls him a PUNK !

Here is more of what CLASSY Willie Randolph had to say ….

“I felt all along this team would play better and we would eventually get into the season and really do well. In my mind, this all happened way, way too early,” Randolph said. “We all know baseball is a long season, a marathon, so for me, it was a little abrupt. You can talk all you want to about expectations and stuff, and this team didn’t play up to its capabilities, but I felt like we were going to start to do that. I wish I had the opportunity to see it through, that’s all.”

And how about this ……

“Those are my guys out there. I’ve lived and died with those guys for four years now. We’ve had a lot of ups and down; we’ve had a lot of heartache,” Randolph said. “My heart is still with the team and I wish them well. I’m just disappointed I won’t get to be the one to lead them to where they’re going to go.”

As for MINAYA-CAL Omar

yes he is even SLIMIER

than we already described

It turns out after Sunday’s double-header at Shea with increasing rumors Willie would be AXED here is what Randolph asked Minaya at Shea. ” I actually asked him. I said, ‘Omar, do this now. If you’re going to do this, do this now. I know you’ve got a lot of pressure on you, but if I’m not the guy to lead this team then don’t let me get on this plane.’ I did say that to him.” INSTEAD Minaya had him get on a plane and travel all the way to the est Coast to be HUMILIATED by Minaya in the middle of the night then FORBIDDEN to talk to his Mets and left to get on another plane to come all the way back.

Did we mention

Omar Minaya

is a PUNK

Here is something else to contemplate as you FUME and if you don’t FUME over this especially if you are AFRICAN American do yourself a favor and jump off the nearest cliff. And end your self-hating misery. Back to our other Point. HALF 50% of the Major League teams 15 of 30 have as “bad” or WORSE won-loss records than the Mets record BUT NOT ONE NO NOT ONE OF THOSE OTHER 14 TEAMS IS SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING FIRING THEIR MANAGER IN MID-SEASON. As pathetic as some of these other MLB owners are unlike Fred Wilpon they have not ordered their BOY ( Omar ) to KNIFE those Managers in the BACK the way Willie was.

If anyone is responsible

for the Mets WOES it

is Omar Minaya who

put this team together

Willie was FORCED to

manage this season but

Wilpon’s BOY keeps

his pathetic job and he

does Wilpon’s DIRTY

work KNIFING Willie

if there’s any JUSTICE

Wilpon and Minaya

will ROT together

in Baseball HELL please GOD

make it so


Willie Randolph was scheduled to have the HONOR of being one of the COACHES at this year’s All Star Game at Yankee Stadium July 15th. “Normally” no longer being an active MLBer that opportunity would be withdrawn. Randolph as much as asked Commissioner Selig and MLB to still allow him to coach at the All Star Game. WILLIE DESERVES IT and if Selig is any better than Wilpon and Minaya there is no doubt he will say YES.

Let’s see what happens ?????