Fade Away Steroid ‘Kings’

Updated: June 8, 2008


Maybe Big Brown deserves

a new name how about

Barry Brown or is that

too Cruel maybe not

At least Big Brown rather his trainer Rick Dutrow admitted to STEROID use. Yes in Horse Racing it is completely legal in some states including all Triple Crown states but completely ILLEGAL in others in Horse Racing in some states. Also in Big Brown’s defense he had NO say in the Decision to use Steroids. None. Zero.

Still Big Brown rode to Victory

with Steroids running through

his Equine Veins the first

legs of the Triple Crown

Let’s add the Obvious Trainers do not give their Thoroughbreds Steroids approved by the horse’s owner for NO reason any more than Human Athletes take Steroids for NO reason. So here is the Story. Now Barry Bonds ( and others ) will forever be linked to Big Brown although they have never met. They certainly share a Fate. As in Fate-al.

Barry Brown and Big Bonds. Or do you prefer Big Barry and Brown Bonds. Neither will ever receive the recognition they would have otherwise if it were not for Steroids. On the Other Hand you could say both have gotten recognition they have ….

…. ONLY because of Steroid use. And there are very interesting “mashups” here. Had Big Brown been given Steroids BEFORE the Belmont Stakes he likely would have won the Triple Crown particularly if you believe it was the Steroids that gave him that EXTRA boost in the Kentucky Derby and then in the Preakness.

YES of course we have IRONY for you. Had he won IRONICALLY even if he had taken his monthly shot of Steroids in the EUPHORIA of the Triple Crown there would have been very little if any mention of Steroids.

Big Brown would have been the KING of not only Horse racing but ALL of Sports right now. So one “obvious” conclusion is his Trainer made a Big Mistake not giving Big Brown his Steroids. Here in the Real Tainted World.

Switching over to Barry Bonds

IF YOU REMEMBER as some of his never say die supporters don’t – when Barry hit his 73 HomeRuns and broke the All Time single season record there was NO talk of Steroids at all Barry was KING of Baseball and all Sports. It was only later as he closed in on Hank Aaron’s All Time Home Run Record that STEROIDS finally took Center Stage.

NOW just as Barry’s never say die supporters say they believe he would have broken both records WITHOUT using Steroids any SANE person knows that is a Bad Joke. Enter Big Brown. There are those who say he is a Great Horse and even WITHOUT Steroids he would have won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness.

PROVE IT. WITHOUT Steroids he is the ONLY horse in Racing history who ever came in dead LAST in the Belmont after winning the Derby and the Preakness. And Sunday it was confirmed by his Trainer and Vet Big Brown is not suffering from any injuries that impeded his performance Saturday.

So here we have

Big Barry and Big Brown

both Outstanding Athletes

to a real extent but both


than anything else both

now will FADE away

as a result ever tainted

by their Mis-deeds one

responsible the other

not both contributing

finally to the END of

Steroids in Sports or

let us HOPE so now


Barry Brown