Everybody Row

Updated: June 1, 2008


Are you rowing with us

Jesus we know Jesus

rows with White Folk

and now He rows with

the Chinese even if

they don’t worship

Him or who He is

YES the Chinese are the new POWERHOUSE in rowing make that OLYMPIC rowing. Even though up to a few years ago few Chinese ever know what a row boat let alone rowing as a Sport existed. Now they do. And they are going for the GOLD.

What separates Chinese from African Americans ?

It is obvious the Chinese get IT African Americans don’t have a Clue once you get beyond Football, Basketball, Track and occasionally Baseball. ATHLETES ARE MADE NOT BORN. The looming success of the Chinese in Olympic Rowing is based on just one thing. Let’s say that again. The looming success of the Chinese is based on just ONE thing. The decision of their LEADERS to develop world class Rowers.

Maybe that is the real problem LEADERSHIP. It is hard to find anyone who passes for an African American LEADER. Barack Obama is trying even if all he is getting for his trouble is mugged by a “couple” of White Con Artists. Yes you know who. We’d like to stay off their Hit List if we can. Anyway the point is the Chinese have developed a very effective program to manufacture outstanding Chinese Rowers and Rowing Teams.

Argue all you want that China is a Dictatorship which is is and they can get the Chinese people to do anything they want. You can argue that China has billions to spend anyway they want including rowing academies and they do. But that is NOT the basic issue here or the core of their Success. Ultimately it is not determined by resources or control as much as simply realizing what we argue again and again and again here. Take a group of athletically talented young men and women and they can become outstanding as a group in ANY Sport and the best of the best of them will become CHAMPIONS.

So let’s take Rowing today as our Lesson. Rowing is about as simple and straight forward a Sport as you will find. You get in a small boat and you ROW either as an individual or as a member of a Team. Whoever crosses the finish line first WINS. What it takes to WIN is 1) an athletic body, 2) rigorous strength and stamina training, and 3) discipline and motivation. NONE of that is ultimately dependent on Big Bucks. Sure you can have better equipment and coaching but it is all about training the Athletes.

Now here is THE Point

The United States does NOT lack for first rate training facilities for Rowers nor premier coaches and all the other attributes of a superior Rowing regimen. ALL IT LACKS IS ANY AFRICAN AMERICANS. Does the WHITE American Sport of Rowing go out and recruit African Americans. NO. Does the WHITE American Sport of Rowing make African Americans feel uncomfortable and unwanted. YES. Well ….

Welcome to the Real African American World

Had that been enough to STOP African Americans in Basketball, Football and until recently Baseball those Sports would likewise be all WHITE today. In those Sports eventually Black Americans would NO longer take NO for an Answer. The fact that the same Spirit and Determination has not reached ALL other Sports including Rowing cannot be blamed on White Racism. If White Racism was still ALL powerful again there would be NO African Americans in Football, Basketball, or Baseball to a lesser extent now.

Go ahead and read the LONG story

in The New York Times about

the success of Chinese Rowing

if you want but you won’t find

any mystery or anything we

haven’t told you here without

all their verbiage and they

won’t tell you the Truth if

the Chinese can do it so

can African Americans

and you can print that !