Dontrelle Willis’ Fall

Updated: June 16, 2008


Dontrelle Willis sat on a wall

Dontrelle Willis had a great fall

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Dontrelle together again.

Wasn’t it only “yesterday” that we were featuring flattering Box after Box about Dontrelle Willis emerged from no where out of the Minors to DAZZLE all of Baseball and become the new BLACK Hope in 2003. Go on to pitch the Marlins to the World Championship. Named ROOKIE of the Year.

Then in 2005 to lead the Majors with 22 Wins, a great 2.63 ERA, become one of the BEST hitting pitchers in the Majors and come within a few votes of being NL MVP and Cy Young winner. Didn’t Willis have the honor of being named to the All Star Game two years. Didn’t he get a HUGE contract.


Dontrelle Wills has hit BOTTOM. He has fallen hard like Humpty Dumpty from the Heights and like Dumpty Dontrelle may be shattered into too many pieces to ever be put back together again. HOW BAD IS BAD ? Willis has gone from being a leading Starter for Detroit this season to now be OPTIONED to Detroit’s single A NOT Triple A team, and optioned NOT sent down for some re-training. OPTIONED means he is unlikely to return to Detroit or the Majors.

How can things go so BAD so fast

There is NO explanation. NO drugs NO injuries NO personality problem NO meanies out to get him. The Cynics will say Willis was Lucky for a few seasons but that says nothing, is not an explanation, and contradicts his Accomplishments.

Here is how BAD it got for Willis. In his last Start a week ago before being AXED by Detroit Willis gave up 8 runs in 1 1/3 innings. Now here is the CRAZY part Willis gave up EIGHT runs on THREE hits. Since Baseball keeps records for everything we can tell Box readers in doing so Dontrelle became only the 3rd Starting Pitcher in Major League Baseball in the last 53 years to give up 8 runs in a game in which he allowed only 3 hits. YES they keep that record !

In other words Willis has NO control on the Mound as he has proven all this season and did for the most part last season Dontrelle Willis is a Mess – to drill the point Willis this season has a 10.32 ERA and giving up 21 walks in 11 1/3 innings pitched – now playing if he is playing at all in some God Forsaken towns for the Tigers’ Florida State League team ( no offense to Florida of course ). Riding the Bus !

Here is how one of Willis’ ( former ) Detroit teammate’s Zack Miner put it , ” He’s not himself right now.” Seems Zack has a flair for the Obvious. Actually we may be too pessimistic OR the Tiger’s brass are being political here. Tigers’ GM Dave Dombrowski says, ” Our objective is to get Dontrelle back to being Dontrelle.”

BY HUMILIATING HIM ? sending him to the BOTTOM of the Minors !

Anyway let’s hope this is

not as BAD as it seems

that Dontrelle has a

temporary HEAD

problem screwing


and that he’ll be


than ever let’s

all HOPE so

Dontrelle Willis ” IT’S ALL IN MY HEAD REALLY “