Cito Gaston Is Back

Updated: June 20, 2008


Looks like Willie Randolph

is not the only MLB manager

FIRED this mid-season add

Seattle and Toronto to this

List following Willie’s boot

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS. The Toronto Blue Jays have turned to an African American to turn their Fortunes around. Not just “any” African American but the FIRST African American to ever manage a World Champion MLB team. The Honorable Cito Gaston.

Gaston’s very big claim to fame is that he guided the Blue Jays to consecutive World Series victories in 1992 and 1993. That Glory was followed by less robust performances and he was given the can in 1997, and kicked upstairs. Where he has been ever since until this year’s Blue Jays looked like Permanent Cellar Dwellers.

It appears Toronto got what they paid for with Gaston’s immediate predecessor. Before being FIRED Gaston was being paid all of $650,000. That’s barely above the minimum any of the players on an MLB team are required to be paid.

Gaston’s low pay was coupled with a lack of confidence one year contract. Makes you wonder if he is even guaranteed to get the full year’s salary now that he has been Canned less than half way there. Three of his coaches were also fired. They were probably working for the minimum hourly wage or free hot dogs.

Anyway back to Cito Gaston

We’re not going to boar you with a lot of detail. You already have the THREE points of this Box 1) Gaston is AFRICAN American, 2) he is the first and only AFRICAN American to lead an MLB team to World Series Glory, and 3) HE’S BACK !

There’s another good reason for keeping today’s Box short. We probably shouldn’t tell you this but Black Athlete Sports Network maintains a palatial gated summer mansion for the exclusive use of the Black Box in Southampton YES right on the ocean of course and the sooner the Box staff finishes tomorrow’s Box the sooner we get to rev up the BASN helicopter – yes the same one we used yesterday to escape from Tiger’s place – and we’ll zoom above the weekend traffic to the Hamptons. So be tolerant.

Since we feel bad not giving

Gaston more attention and

our readers more detail

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Cito Gaston