Brotha’s Gonna Work It Out

By Tony Price
Updated: June 18, 2008

BOSTON — As I awoke Wednesday morning a huge sense of pride greeted me along with the arrival of the bright morning sun. The Boston Celtics are the 2008 NBA Champions.

However, this pride had nothing to do with the fact that I live in Boston, its much deeper than that. The sense of overcoming and heart felt jubilation stems from the recent success of Black men demonstrating to the world what many of black Americans knew far too long.

That if given an equal chance and with the proper resources and support, we can be successful. This country has never witness such a time as this, with the recent victories of men like Tony Dungy, Doc Rivers and Barack Obama.

Yes, there have been other brilliant black leaders in the past in a vast number of industries and organization’s, however this is a special time in history, particularly because of the role sports serves as a microcosm of the country.

We have seen in the past few years, two black men make history by leading their teams to the Super Bowl, and a coach (Doc) do what hasn’t been done in 22 years in a league made up of over 95% of black males.

And the icing on the cake, we have a black man who is months away from becoming the president of the United States. People are learning that there is nothing inferior about black leadership.

These brothers are flying in the face of perpetual stereotypes and myths that black people (particulalry black men) can’t perform under pressure or somehow less capable of leading large organizations, sports franchises, political establishments and the country.

These brothers have met the challenge of dispelling the negative images of black male intelligence, fatherhood, leadership etc, they have inspired a new generation of believers and they have done so with class, dignity and honor.

The time is now for all of us to shout with joy, while at the same time keeping our eyes and ears open, for we know that the majority (white America) will not relinquish power and control that easily, expect the unexpected as there will be calculated attempts to discredit the recent successes of these men.

After all, if these men and others continue to rise and shine on the biggest stages and platforms of their respective industries, they will inspire the next generation of young black males to become positive and productive citizens.

They will assume the rightful role as protector and leaders of their families and communities, who then will be left to fill the jails, do countless studies on, or discourage from seeking higher education and better employment opportunities.

The success of these three brothers will have a larger impact than the “Million Man March” (no offense, Minister Farrakhan).

Well done my brotha’s, well done !