Before & After Is Winning Worth It

Updated: June 10, 2008


GOOD news for all the Losers

out there not that any are Box

readers but you probably

know some and now

maybe it’s better

to be One

WHAT ?? Listen up. Yes with our ever expanding staff and resources the Box has just conducted its first scientific study and utilizing the highest possible standards of any major national and international research center. And we have SHOCKING results that may shake the entire World of Sports. Even you !

First of all our Methodology

Going beyond the typical large group scientific studies conducted over many years even generations the Box in yet another breakthru has invented a paradigm transforming method for such studies which we call PHOTO SCANNING. Simple but brilliant.

Take two photos of any individual one taken when they were clearly losing making them a LOSER and then research and find another photo when that same individual is clearly winning making them a WINNER.

And needless to say Sports is the very best place to do such Studies since Sports is clearly filled with individuals who can clearly be labeled LOSERS or WINNERS and best of all most Athletes and others in Sports are LOSERS and WINNERS during their careers.

And what could be better than the NBA

Finals to find a great example and

prove our Box Theory that

LOSING is better for

you than WINNING

We have all the proof we need in Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers. Once we applied the new patented ( just don’t use it commercially without our written permission and paying the required fees to the Box or else .. ) PHOTO SCANNING process to Doc we had perfect proof of the Theory of Losing is GOOD for you.

Please examine the photos above

all the way at the top of the Box

The photo on the left of Doc Rivers was taken a few years ago during his first season coaching the Celtics when they were the WORST team in the NBA by most standards. Doc appears to be a very robust content healthy male in his late 30s or early 40s.

The photo on the right of Doc Rivers taken just yesterday after the Celtics finished their 2007-2008 regular season with the BEST record in the NBA and having emerged from the Play-offs to challenge the Los Angeles Lakers and WIN the first two games to take a commanding two games to none lead in the best of 7 series.

This Doc Rivers looks like some guy in his 60s maybe even 70s obviously pained emotionally wrought probably suffering from multiple and likely serious ailments. An individual you would probably recommend admit himself to the nearest hospital.

YES this Doc Rivers is today the most successful Coach in Basketball probably only days away from the greatest triumphant of his life about to be regally honored by the city of Boston and the entire Sports World ……

………. for one of the greatest improvements of a team in Sports history going from WORST to BEST in two years AND DOC RIVERS LOOKS OLD AND SICK AS HELL. When he was a LOSER Doc Rivers looked so so much younger and much much healthier.

So based on our ground breaking study

you might seriously want to re-consider

if you really want to be a WINNER

when being a LOSER may be

far far better for you


The fact that this Study may have been funded by the Society of the Super Rich, Most Powerful and Very Successful ( often referred to as the Lucky Class ) whose not-for-profit (sic) purpose is to convince everyone else they don’t really want what they have that being poor miserable and a failure is really the best life style and will GUARANTEE you a place in Heaven for ALL eternity …. that are Study was in NO way influenced by the source of our funding or the views of this organization.

And finally NO these photos were NOT Doc-tored !!