Bad Luck

Updated: June 14, 2008


Box Favorite Alfonso Soriano

ran into some luck this past

week or rather his hand did

some very BAD luck

The Chicago Cubs are HOT the HOTTEST team in Baseball at the moment. One factor in their Surge has been almost but never quite Super Star Alfonso Soriano. Until Wednesday evening that is. When one of those things that happen HAPPENED. In the Real World and on the Baseball Diamond.

Soriano was HIT by an errant pitch from Atlanta’s Jeff Bennett in the 2nd inning of Wednesday night’s game. It was much more than a nick it BROKE Alfonso Soriano’s hand. More specifically a bone in his left hand since technically you really can’t break your hand. Nonetheless the result is DEVASTATING for Soriano he will miss SIX weeks.

This is not Alfonso’s first WOES this season. Back in April he missed 14 games with a strained right calf. All season long as is usual for Soriano he has gone through unproductive stretches always followed by a tear. And always confirming his status as LEAD off hitter on most teams he has played for.

The Cubs gave him a very BIG Bucks multi-year NO trade contract two years ago to bring him to Chicago to cement a talented team with Championship on its mind. This seems like THE year. Right now the Cubs have the BEST record in the Majors. In fact they are considered so good Soriano’s loss is not considered a “deal breaker.”

And unless the Cubs fall apart his return in late July during the DOG Days of the Season when the Wannabes get separated from the Real McCoys, Soriano’s return will be another PLUS for the Chicago Cubs and especially their FANS who have been waiting 100 years longer than any other team for a WORLD Championship. Reportedly some Oldsters have kept themselves alive years past their call from the GRIM Reaper ONLY because they are determined to see the Cubs go ALL the Way before they leave Planet Earth.

Back to Alfonso Soriano

Before Wednesday’s Bone Crusher here are his 2008 stats for your edification. Batting Average .283, Home Runs 15, RBIs 40, Stolen Bases 7. All within 51 games played and 212 At Bats. Let’s philosophize. Without these two injuries by All Star Break Alfonso could have been Batting .300, with 25 HRs, and 75 RBIs on his way to a possible .300+ season, 50 HomeRuns and 100+ RBIs. Instead he will have to settle for LESS UNLESS he contributes anyway a key role in the Cubs going All The Way.

As for Lady Luck she can

be a Bitch Black or White

at other times as SWEET

as can be as for Alfonso

she may still prove

either by the End

of the Season

Good Luck