Ax Murder ‘Bring Us….Willie’s Head’

Updated: June 13, 2008



Enjoy yourself you are

about to see a MURDER

take place in living “color”

and you can enjoy every

minute of it IF you are


YES all the clues are there the New York Mets are about to rid themselves of AFRICAN American Willie Randolph EMBARRASSING him in mid-season for the SINS of the non-performing OVER paid players he did not choose but was FORCED to use.

YES isn’t it Willie’s fault that so called Mets CLOSER Billy Wagner blew 3 Mets victories in the 9th inning three games in a row this week as one example of Randolph paying for the SINS of these Bunch of Losers who call themselves Major League Baseball players. We have it on good authority that Wagner was so disgusted having to work for a BLACK manager he just couldn’t throw the ball any more without giving up HomeRuns.

The Truth is and you know

you ONLY get it here

If things are so bad why don’t the Mets owner do something that makes sense. How about sending half of these guys down to the Minors for some “re-education” and bring up a bunch of HUNGRY minor league farm club talent.

Watch how quickly things change for real instead of making Randolph the BLACK scapegoat for the SINS of the owners and the general manager. If that were not bad enough listen to all the blatant RACISTS who call sports talk radio in New York and spew their venom that what is wrong with the Mets it’s their manager did we forget to say their BLACK manager.

After all New York Baseball for more than 100 years and for much of that time with THREE MLB teams got along fine without ever having even one BLACK manager. Didn’t Doubleday and Wilpone realize Randolph was BLACK before they hired him. How could they make such a terrible mistake.

Look at how much better the New York Yankees are doing and they never have done something so stupid hiring a BLACK manager. Never have never will. And with the largest payroll in all of Baseball. Don’t they WIN all the time. Aren’t they World Series champs year after year after year. All because they have a WHITE manager.

All but two other teams in the MLB know you don’t hire an African American to manage and why the vast majority of MLB teams have NEVER had a BLACK manager. Bad enough most teams have one or two African Americans on their roster without being burdened with an AFRICAN American manager too. Now FINALLY the New York Mets will be Black FREE again. And don’t expect any immediate improvement. In fact it may takes years to undo all the damage Willie Randolph has done as a BLACK manager.

Thank God that the WHITE One

Willie Randolph will NEVER

get another offer to manage

let him be a lesson to any

other MLB team that

ever considers doing

something so