Abraham Wins A Shot At Pavkik

By Tom Donelson
Updated: June 22, 2008

GlovesIOWA CITY, Ia. — Arthur Abraham faced his rematch with Edison Miranda with two goals in mind. The first was to show that his victory over Miranda was no fluke or based on home cook decision.

The second was to show the American audience that he’s best in the Middleweight division. In their first bout, Abraham fought the last eight rounds with a broken jaw but didn’t quit for to do so would be to forfeit his title.

In a fight with many close rounds, controversy and several fouls committed by Miranda; Abraham did just enough to win the fight.

Before the main event, Gionvanni Lorenzo fought Raul Marquez for the right to fight Abraham in the future. Marquez last fought for a title in 1999 and had fought some of the best junior Middleweights and Middleweights.

Marquez had the experience but Lorenzo had youth and power on his side. The first round saw the youth being served as Lorenzo’s quick and powerful rights gained the upper hand.

This changed in the fifth round as Marquez started to jab his way inside Lorenzo’s power range and followed those jabs with accurate lefts from his southpaw position.

Marquez’s aggressiveness changed the tone of the fight. He pressed his advantage over the youthful Lorenzo. Despite three cuts, the wily veteran Marquez rarely allowed the cuts to change his game plan.

Bleeding profusely from the 10th round till the end, Marquez continued attacking and at the end of the round, Lorenzo made a mistake that doomed his chance to win the fight.

He purposely tried to head butt Marquez and was deducted a point. After losing the 11th and 12th round, Lorenzo waited for the decision.

All three judges gave Marquez a 114-113 decision, the one point difference being the penalty deducted in the 10th. And Lorenzo had his first loss.

In the main event, Miranda wanted his revenge and he easily took the first two rounds.Abraham played defense and just waited for the right moment to strike as Miranda threw punches after punches but rarely nailing the Armenian with anything solid.

The third round started the same way as Miranda threw the majority of the punches. Then with a minute left, Abraham nailed with Miranda with a right that buckled his knees.

In the fourth round, Abraham shot a short right followed by a left hook that sent Miranda sprawling. Never known for defense, Miranda showed vulnerability to the Abraham left hook and he caught the retreating Miranda and once again an Abraham left hook sent Miranda down for an eight count.

He managed to get up but was on unsteady leg. Another Abraham left hook sent Miranda down for good.

While Raul Marquez put himself into the title hunt, the real winner was Abraham, whose goal is a big money fight in Middle America against Kelly Pavlik.

Marquez may have won the IBF eliminator but the real fight that boxing fans would like to see is Abraham versus Pavlik.

Abraham showed that he is certainly capable of beating any Middleweight and Pavlik is the recognized Middleweight champion.

Two technically sound bombers facing each other will bring in a nice payday and give boxing fans a chance to see the two best Middleweight fights each other.

In Memphis, Tennessee, Andre Berto went for his first title, the WBC welterweight title vacated by Floyd Mayweather. Berto faced Miki Rodriquez and from the first minute of the fight; it was obvious that Berto had the faster hand, the more powerful punch and was the superior fighter.

This was more of a coronation than a fight as Berto nailed Rodriquez with two or three punches for every one that he shot back.

In the seventh round, a Berto uppercut sent Rodriquez down. A second combination sent the Mexican down again. Rodriquez got back up but a final Berto flurry forced the referee to intervene.

In the preliminary fight, Chris Arreola challenged Chazz Witherspoon. Both fighters were undefeated and the winner becoming the new American Heavyweight hope and the loser taking a step backward.

Witherspoon opened up with beautiful jab that appeared to keep Arreola at edge. Arreola chased him and for the first two minutes and 30 seconds, Witherspoon’s jab dominated the action.

Then a Arreola left hook shook Witherspoon and sent Witherspoon reeling back into the rope. Arreola heavy handed attack buckled Witherspoon leg and captured the first round.

The second round started as the first began with Witherspoon using movement to confuse Arreola but this proved to be a mirage.

Arreola attacked in the third round and forced Witherspoon to stand and fight. Witherspoon exchanged punches with the harder punching Arreola and with a minute left, Witherspoon went down after a Arreola’s barrage.

He got back up but another exchange saw Witherspoon go down as the bell rang. He struggled to get up but as he was beating the count, his corner entered the ring.

Witherspoon was disqualified but it probably didn’t matter. Arreola’s power proved superior to Witherspoon’s skills.

Berto has a share of the Welterweight title but at best, he is the fourth or fifth best welterweight. This is not being disparaging for the Welterweight is one of boxing deepest division.

Berto is a smaller welterweight but his quick hands and power will make him competitive but he’s still new force that needs to prove himself.

Arreola took a giant step toward a shot at a Heavyweight title and is on the way on being the best American heavyweight.