Wanna Bet

Updated: May 27, 2008

WANNA BET Charles Barkley ” DON’T MESS WITH ME “

It nice to have money

see aren’t we profound

here in the Box ask

Charles Barkley

Barkley BRAGS that he has lost more than $10 Million over the years Gambling. Good thing he isn’t a killer he’d probably BRAG about that. Out here in the Real World if you told someone you have lost $10 Million betting on anything and everything you’d be considered an IDIOT more likely insane. But Barkley and Big Time Athletes do not live here in the Real World with the rest of us. They live HIGH above us.

In his latest episode Sir Charles FINALLY paid off $400,000 he has owed one of the big name Vegas casinos for some time. Another benefit of celebrity Special Rules. Imagine what would happen to you if you owed $ 400,000 to a Vegas casino and told them you wouldn’t or couldn’t paid. A free trip deep into the Desert.

What is getting former NBA Super-Star Charles Barkley extra attention right now for his proclivity for gambling is the fact he is currently a Star if not Super-Star broadcaster of NBA games and general Sport TV personality …….

………. and of course the NBA FROWNS on gambling in any form and worse Barkley seems to have an affinity for gambling on Sports. Again BRAGGING that he lost $100,000 betting on the last SuperBowl. While he does not BRAG about betting on Basketball what do you think since Basketball is what he thinks he knows best.

So here is where this is heading Barkley does commentary for the cable network that carries both LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs games. So that if the Lakers make it to the NBA Championship Series Charles Barkley is going to be floating around noticed with a very big G on his forehead for all to see and remind everyone about GAMBLING.

O we almost forgot Barkley is also already a declared candidate for Governor of Alabama in 2014. That’s right a new record announcing a run for office more than 6 hears before that election will take place. In fact it makes sense in its own way since you must be a resident of Alabama 7 years before you can qualify to run in Alabama. Barkley decided not to make it a secret WHY the heck did he move to Alabama of all places.

How about a campaign slogan for Barkley

please we know it’s just too obvious


Can we also mention Charles has also grown BIG currently carrying around over 300 lbs. on his 6 ft 4 in. frame. Maybe he’ll take bets on whether he can make it to 400 lbs. before he has a Stroke ?? Or maybe he just wants to be the biggest Governor ever. Wanna bet ? We should also mention to his credit Barkley has donated millions of his money to schools in both Alabama and in Phoenix, Arizona as well, where he played.

Also to Barkley’s eternal credit this NBA Hall of Famer is one of the few Black athletes who has publicly endorsed Barack Obama for President. Indeed so enthusiastically he should be placed #1 among Obama’s athlete supporters.

Let’s conclude today’s Box

letting you hear and see

for yourself Barkley

talking about Obama

it’s good stuff you

can bet on it !


Charles Barkley and Barack Obama ” WAY TO GO MR. BARKLEY “