Trainer To Begin Fitness Bootcamps

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: May 22, 2008

NEW YORK — Janvieve-Naemani, Celebrity Personal Trainer from Queens, New York has decided to join the fight against Domestic Violence. Statistics show that one out of four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

Both men and women can be victims of domestic violence, but by far, the majority of survivors are women. In 2001, women accounted for 85 percent of the victims of intimate partner violence (588,490) as compared to 15 percent for men victims (103,220 total).

In 2005, The NYC police Responded to 226,272 domestic violence incidents in New York City alone.” (Center Against Domestic Violence Brooklyn, NY 11201)

Everybody loves Fitness Bootcamps and as a personal trainer and motivational speaker, Janvieve-Naemani wants to inspire women and men in the New York area to come work out with her on June 7 at The Roy Wilkins park in Queens, at 8 am.

There is a small donation required of $10 but half of the proceeds are going toward helping New York victims of Domestic Violence.

As a Personal Trainer Janvieve-Naemani is known for her quick yet effective workouts that seem to draw attention everywhere, from entertainers to record label and business executives, who all juggle a busy lifestyle.

By attending her Bootcamp on June 7, you get a sampling of these same workouts but also have fun and learn how to get the results you deserve.

Janvieve-Naemani is no newcomer; she has trained in gyms all over New York City, ranging from Crunch, New York Sports Clubs, and Bally’s. Profiled in publications like Newsday, the Queens Tribune, and Rise Up Radio, Janvieve-Naemani is noted for her expertise in sculpting abs and arms through intense strength training workouts, fat-blasting cardio, mini boot camp workouts, and calisthenics, which she now offers in convenient home or office visits.

Janvieve-Naemani also offers perks like food shopping and daily motivational text messages to complement fitness plans. Clients have been known to lean on her for support even late at night and on the brink of a food binge. Just a phone call away, Janvieve-Naemani convinces them into a healthy alternative.

With seven years of personal training experience, Janvieve-Naemani has fitness plans for a wide range of clientele. She has developed diets and fitness regimens for singers to promote optimal vocal and dance performance.

As a performing poet, she knows first-hand how eating habits can affect delivery. Since singers spend long hours in the studio, Janvieve-Naemani provides studio visits which help her clients stay on track. Generally, junk food is readily available so singers are bound to make poor food choices.

A poor diet and long hours of physical inactivity in the studio results in weight gain that could have easily been avoided.

As a single mom, entrepreneur, and victim of Domestic Violence, Janvieve-Naemani understands what it takes to break away from a situation that may leave you more than just battered and bruised.

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