The Magic of Miguel

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: May 10, 2008

Nigel Miguel on set of Short Fuse

Nigel Miguel on set of Short Fuse

NEW YORK — He scored lots of points for UCLA in the mid 80′s and had a stint with the New Jersey Nets. Now, Niguel Miguel is knocking them down on the big screen.

The president and CEO of II Jam Casting and Production, Miguel, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jordan and LeBron James in movies and commercial’s respectively is starting to see bigger dreams come true within the film and entertainment industry.

II Jam Casting and Productions is pleased to announce the signing of a Joint Venture Agreement with AriLew Films and Entertainment an Addis Abeba, Ethiopia based major Entertainment and Media Production Company.

This Joint Venture Agreement was signed on April 24th in Addis Abeba between Ato Samson Assefa, General Manager of AriLew Plc. and Miguel after the conclusion of a successful one week working visit.

This Joint Venture will cover the collaboration and business efforts of the two companies to Originate, Develop, Produce, Distribute, Sell, License, Sublicense, Syndicate, Exhibit, Collaborate on Media related content including but not limited to, Theatrical Production, Film Production, Musical Production, Publication, Talent Development and Representation.

This effort is the first full spectrum Media Production collaboration of its kind in Ethiopia and it is fully expected to raise the local Media Production standards to Hollywood comparable levels through the deployment of state of the art technological studio and production equipment, globally recognized talent, and access to world wide distribution channels.

Nigel Miguel and Jamie Foxx

Nigel Miguel and Jamie Foxx

The Joint Venture has identified three specific projects that will begin immediate development with an estimated budget of $3.3 Million USD.

One of the first projects will be the Theatrical Screen Production of “Wubeten Filega” a tremendously popular and successful stage production that had taken the country by storm.

Miguel, who broke into the business as an actor playing a vital part in the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” is showing that you can do more with your athletic ability if you learn to take advantage of breaks that are before you.

He was introduced to some heavy people by none other than Lee Majors the star of the 1970′s television series, “Six Million Dollar Man.”