That’s Nice But Does It Mean Anything

Updated: May 28, 2008


You can see LeBron James and

Maria Sharapova together

these days no its nothing

personal as far as we

know they are in

ads together to

END poverty

This is one of those stories we can play straight or as satire. So maybe we’ll do both. And you decide if you can which it is. Or come to the conclusion its both but tilting toward EXTREME satire. Seems the theme is ” teaming up against poverty ” in ads in leading publications that includes these two together – as well as other athletes in other photos – to promote the so called Millennium Goals to END poverty.

Who could possibly be AGAINST ending poverty. Certainly not LeBron James and Maria Sharapove and they prove it by posing for FREE that’s right for FREE to appear in ads that proclaim poverty is BAD and we should END it. Praise the Lord.

WE’D BETTER REPEAT THAT. These two famous rich athletes have not been paid reportedly anything. Well maybe limousine fare to and from the photographer. OK maybe a nice lunch too. They have to eat you know. We don’t know. But does it matter. These are true Humanitarians giving FREELY of themselves for such a worthy cause in publication after publication for FREE to END poverty. God Bless them both.

There is NO doubt both of them could have made thousands upon thousands for themselves making paying ads or personal appearances for the hour or so it took to take photos together for FREE and to END poverty around he world. OK maybe it does not merit the Nobel Peace Prize or the Nobel Poverty Prize if there is one but there should be some award for successful athletes like these two who give of themselves so FREELY.

Latest estimates are that one billion people around the world live in EXTREME poverty. That is separate from “normal” poverty which may afflict half or more of those alive today in places like Africa, Asia and South America among others.

But after these new rounds of ads that in addition to LeBron and Maria involve 50 or so athletes and other celebrities making ads that are appearing in major publications here there and everywhere WHO KNOWS is it to much to hope they will END poverty. After all SUPER Stars like James and Sharapova are not just average mortals. They can do things the rest if us can’t on the basketball and tennis courts. Why not on the court of Poverty.

Let’s keep something else in mind here that is very very important.

It is not just what LeBron and Maria are doing themselves but is there any doubt that people all over the world who are not living in EXTREME poverty how about you that you will be INSPIRED by LeBron and Maria to do your part to END poverty now that they have taken the time FREELY to let all of us know what has been such a secret that so many girls and boys, women and men live their lives in poverty many in EXTREME poverty.

Who had any idea before these ads ?????

thank YOU LeBron thank YOU Maria

So much for the Cynics out there who say athletes are selfish and only care about themselves. Anyone ever says that to you ever again do our own Public Service ad and show those Cynics who are always complaining one of those full page ads featuring LeBron James and Maria Sharapove. That will SHUT them up. Permanently.

But if that were not bad enough there is word in some quarters some real nasty individuals out there call them MALCONTENTS are circulating vicious comments that if James and Sharapova are so concerned about ENDING poverty why don’t they pledge to contribute 10% of their yearly earnings to poor people around the world and make ads challenging ALL other rich people athletes and not athletes alike to do the same.

What utter nonsense all

it is is propaganda from

the RADICAL fringe

who ENVY LeBron

and Maria who want

them to make terrible

sacrifices when they

are already doing so

so so much already

to END poverty





Lebron James & Maria Sharapova OR THIS VERSION