Straight No Chaser: Obama and Ryan

By Desi Cortez
Updated: May 3, 2008

Comfortable: Providing a sense of ease or well being 2. Free from worry 3. Enjoying a sense of comfort. 4. Belonging 5. Relief

DENVER — A level of comfortableness; that’s what the NFL’s newly anointed golden boy Matt Ryan, and US Senator Barack Obama are both seeking – to provide White Americans with a feeling of it’s OK.

A Ryan’s the Great White Hope and Obama – Super Afro-American Man; a blending of /Gary Grant/Henry Fonda and Sidney Poitier… dipped in caramel.

Inhale….exhale. Sit down, relax. It seems things are morphing, way-too fast for some folks. Black quarterbacks, Black Miss Americas’, Black Astronauts, Black Presidents – some fans, some Americans admittedly prefer to remain Republicans, or even Hillary Clinton supporters… and are simply not ready for such change.

This is why Ryan’s mere presence will leave more fans, than you can ever phantom – elated, intoxicated with false pride. A White QB, back at the helm, manning his rightful position, down in Dixie. Ryan may be a Big-Game hunter, i.e. kill defenseless animals, but he won’t raise dogs to fight.

He won’t grow a menacing go-tee and sleep with white bimbos’. Well, Ryan probably will bed his fair share of white women, but it’s OK for some reason…. He may not take a toke of a fat blunt, but he may be a alcoholic- with a gambling addiction.

Right beneath the surface, the selection of this Boston College product is a signal, a gesture, announcing to the Southern fan-base/sponsorship; “Ricky-Bobby, Bubba, boy’s… everything gonna be a-l-l-right . We done went and got our good name back, We gonna erase that Black boy’s name from Atlanta Falcon folklore.”

Michael who?

How else can this move be categorized? Falcon owner Arthur Blank is strategically employing the Great White Hope theory, bringing in a young, long awaited, unproven Golden Boy – Ryan, a savior of sorts, elected to replace the Ebony man-child who made a mess of… everything, including his own life.

Yet, when you get down to both the nitty, and the gritty, Ryan’s a sacrificial lamb, burden with the White athlete’s testicles. He must represent, hoist White man-hood on his untested shoulders.

Honestly, Ryan was chosen as much to win games, as to win over the hearts and minds of alienated caucasian fans, the more numerous, deeper pocketed sports-fans who, a few days ago, before this draft, felt somewhat dissociated, if not, oh my God, repulsed by thebehavior displayed by the darker elements of the city’s NFL Franchise.

Ryan stands today as The Franchise, designed and tailored to harken the city, the region, even the country back to the good ol days, when the QB was red-haired and freckled, had a dog named Rex, walk’s ol’ ladies across the street, helps out at he the Helen Keller school for the deaf and blind. An All-American kid, not a….dog fighting, Pot smokin hoodlum.

Who’s to say this kid isn’t some younger twisted version of MLB’s Roger Clemens. Illegal drugs, marital affair, lying before congress (with the nod-of- approval from the Oval Office). Perhaps another Art Schlister, maybe an or Rick Mirer, Jeff George, Ryan Leaf

I guess Ryan just looks like a good kid. It’s the intangibles…. Vick just happened to look like a bad kid. Yet, No. 7 had no police record as of the day Dog-Gate broke in the headlines. He was merely despised, and don’t take that word lightly.

White guys h-a-t-e-d the man.

Vick scared White fans. His look, his walk, his talk, his attitude, his friends, his tattooed body, his skills – the Craftsmen tools required to redefine the QB position – to a level and degree… even the above-average white player…can’t meet, can’t compete at.

Don’t wrinkle your forehead up like that, it may get stuck like that forever. Hey, least we forget, the contemporary White athlete can no longer play Cornerback in the NFL. Obviously, he can’t even make the squad as a Tail back.

Those two positions have been redefined to a point where …. White guys can’t compete. There’s been no recent representation to state otherwise. No contradiction of the plain truth.

If Vick was successful, became the blueprint for the Pro QB position, that would certainly seal the NFL’s transformation from “whites only allowed” to “Only blacks can.” Such a transfer of power would put the League, in the same league as the NBA.

Vick was under attack, ridiculed and scrutinized from day one because of the clear and present threat he posed to the established way of playing the position. Because of the color of his skin.

Ryan’s selection is one of desperation. Falcon owner Arthur Blank realizes Vick’s mere presence drove away NASCAR Dads and NRA Great White Hunters who were NFL fans.

Joey Harrington kept them away and Bryan Leftwich wouldn’t bring them back. Ryan will give caucasian dads in the suburbs of Atlanta and throughout the state a reason to purchase Ryan’s jersey and a Falcon cap.

So conversely while Ryan’s task will be to sooth the fears of White sports fans, Obama is desperately trying to assure America…. he’s still one of the few good ones.

The Senator is hoping the ex-ESPN network commentator Rush Limbaugh’s recent casting of the presidential hopeful as Barack Obama; The Magic Negro takes hold in the Heartland, and with a little magic, White voters ignore Obama’s one time minister, fiery orator Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s version of American History.

Obama must still convince an arrogant mainstream USA ( whites folks) , who, dig this are demanding Obama do what he perhaps had to do – disown, denounce, admonish, reject, vilify…. verbally take-to-the-wood-shed, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Can you say divide and conquer?

Here’s a kick in the ass; Obama had to maintain his cool for the last year, had to demonstrate that he was not an angry, emotional Black man, had to comfort white folks, prove he’s an educated mulatto House Negro.

But when the Reverend’s video hit cable news, White folks wanted Obama to talk about Wright’s mama, get mad, be angry, show emotion.

It’s interesting, even telling – if nothing else, how the slight majority, White folks desire the ability to tell Black folks, and most people of color – when to walk, and when to run. When to speak, and when to shut-the-hell-up. How to feel, and what to feel.

All done in an shameless effort to calm, appease and placate rightfully paranoid white people. For it only seems logical, an empire, constructed from day one – on stolen land, with slave labor, while practicing some twisted form of apartheid well into the later 20th century….I guess I’d be watching my back 24/7, 365/52. 12/ 10, 10/100….

Because hopefully would perceive the significance of making little old ladies give up their seats on Busses for grown men, and because Iran-Contra-Compton-Crack-gate actually existed and was orchestrated by the some of the same Neo-Cons in the White House right now, who turned both a blind eye and deaf ear to The Big Easy…..allowed Katrina to become a bitch. For these crimes against a race, surely there are predictable consequences and repercussions.

If America could be as diabolical as history tells us it was, surely the powers which be… could permit the spreading of AIDS in the Black community. It’s plausible and certainly doable.

Yet Senator Obama, in order when the vote of …. Hillary Clinton liberals, has to act as if kicking a Black man when he’s down… is a shockingly brutal and heinous act which he believes this nation is not capable of.

Wow, both these men have a lot to prove to white folks.