Straight No Chaser: Humans vs. Animals

By Desi Cortez
Updated: May 10, 2008

DENVER — It’s so quiet; you can hear a rat… piss on cotton.

The convoluted, contrary court of public opinion, the sports section, isn’t holding NFL headmaster Andy Reid, nor the Horse Racing syndicate – to the same high standards of conduct and integrity which Mike Vick’s being hypocritically held up to. Unless, unless – you want to argue abusing dogs – is a greater failure of character than…child abandonment.

Unless one wants to contend this nation doesn’t have a love affair with horses – Trigger, Black Beauty, Silver, Scout, Man of War, Secretariat, ….go figure, this is a nation of horse lovers. Where’s the outrage generated from running a horse into the ground, for sport, for entertainment, for profit?

They use to hang horse thieves…. and Black people, didn’t they?

OK, one at a time; common sense, the Philadelphia Eagles head coach, and his wife, by all indications, some blinking place along the road of parenthood, either deluded themselves into thinking their two sons weren’t drug addicted hooligans, or, they’re disconnected parents – parents in name only, who simply didn’t have a clue.

You know, maybe the nanny was raising the kids? Older Black women? Maybe Reid’s family life is like yesteryear and the kids are closer to the “help” than their own folks?

Which failure is more devastating, self-inflected ignorance or voluntary blindness, dialed-up denial?

Recall Columbine; the parents of mass murderers – Klybold and Harris.Consider America refusal to judge them also, it hits too close to home, it’s like looking at the mom and dad in the mirror.

White parents can’t be dysfunctional, hell the Brady Bunch proved that years ago…

Coach Reid is the figure-head of a multi-million dollar operation, the Eagles. He is a leader of men, the captain of the ship. Clearly he is a role model. A prominent member of the Philly community.

Without question, he is a public figure, held to a higher standard because of the influence he has over young men. One’s got to wonder how NFL Commish Roger ” the Dodger” Goodell should have mandated Reid take a season off and focus on what’s important?

Being responsible, libel, and accountable, in some form or fashion, for his son’s behavior; I find it amazing Coach Reid has not put family above work, and taken a leave of absence, in order to take his son’s to a Drug rehab center.

Or, with his millions, rent a small island in the Caribbean, bring in a few guys who’ve kicked drug habits… Joe Namath, Rush Lmbaugh, Bret Farve, George Bush, and have them assist him in making his boys go cold-turkey.

Hey, this man is a Mormon. I dwell in Colorado, for those of you with 4th grade geography capabilities, Mormons are based in Utah, thus, I’m a state line away. Mormons are all about family.

Maybe even we can make that plural, i.e., multiple families. If Reid was AWOL as a dad, that’s is in violation of this man’s faith and way of life. He’s chosen a totally different path than most of his faith.

Furthermore, Reid has also lived up to the stereotype of the Head Coach who is closer to his staff and players than his kids. Dads in the house, but not really. Yet, in spite of the obvious controversy embedded in this sad tale, the sports-press is deliberately failing to drag this man thru the mud with their typical form of tabloid mud-slinging yellow journalism.

Why? Why not? What’s the reason Reid get’s the pardon? Might it be, mainstream sports writers are naturally empathetic, even sympathetic to Reid’s dilemma, they identify with the man, and are thus easier on him – no reason to throw gas on a burning man.

These are “feelings” most writers don’t hold when it comes to TO, Moss, Bonds, Kobe….

I can remember when the Tony Dungy’s tragedy hit; the pundits, from sports and the bigger, broader world…..well, these bastards raised the issue of absentee dad and dereliction of fatherly duties on, day two.

The same holier than thou treatment should be applied to Reid, no?

No, not even close.

What is appropriate journalistic critiquing of the Black coach – ought to be the identical treatment the Great White Hope/Father figure receives. But you and I can clearly see, that’s not the case, by far.

This white glove treatment exist in all facets of life in America; note the “pass” Senator John McCain is receiving. The medicine man McCain sought out, Pastor John Hagee, an evangelist out of San Antoine… is a noted sexist, racist, homophobic Archie Bunker clone, peddling hate, who’s repeatedly stated Hurricane Katrina was the Lords hand at work, rooting out the misfits and derelicts of civilization.

Nevertheless, that’s acceptable religious babble according to the rank and file red necks who look beyond these condemnations of society, and still support Senator McCain.

Notice, these are some of the same bible-thumping Patriots from the Far-Right, which are itching to hang Reverend Jeremiah Wright and maybe even Senator Obama…. and his wife, from the nearest tree.

The separate and unequal America Senator Glen represents – moderate Republicans and Reagan Democrats – who do not approve of how the Wright and his flock view American history. This arrogance is cut from the same sheet from the OJ case.

America agrees with the Simi Valley verdict in the case – middle finger to the South-Central LA jury’s verdict in the criminal (higher) court. It’s irreverent and inconsequential what black folks feel and think. Our opinions and positions can be over-redden by white folks of any persuasion, on any occasion.

Ain’t that a bitch….

This duplicity is rampant in our color-sensitive country. If Vick has betrayed the confidence kids placed in him, then what has Reid done but contradict the myth of the wholesome, fatherly guy who can teach young men, strangers – how to work together to achieve their goals, because you’d think – he does it with his own sons.

I’m not trying to take a cheap shot at Reid, his boys are out of control, but – they’re sooo out of control, it’s amazing the sports press has let it go without dissection and assignment of blame.

But if this sports nation, and the outer world of non-sports lovers over reacted to Mike Vick’s barbaric indulgences, then where’s the reaction, screw over reaction, just reaction – to Reid’s misplaced priorities. Team first, coaching career first. Raising man-cubs….secondary?

And I don’t mean they play in it. Gee, being a member of the football team – may have been the only way these two young guys would’ve got the attention Ray Charles could see they most likely crave from their father, Andy Reid?

This type of fraudulence, these fake morals and values America is supposedly founded on and thrive upon, the contradictions are even more strikingly evident when you consider the “Skin the nigger alive” rumblings we heard all across America regarding Vick’s conception of an animal lover, But now compare and contrast that animal love with horses, whose status on the Animal hierarchy tree is considerably higher than that of a dog.

Mr Ed is assigned more value than Lassie in our so-called civilization, that’s just the fact, Jack. Little girls want a pony, not a Pit Bull. Horses, on a whole, cost much more to purchase and maintain, nevertheless, their’s very little outrage over running an majestic animal into the ground – literally blood foaming from their nostrils, all in order to…win an meaningless race.

The outcry, from a nation of horse-lovers….barely a peep, nobody gives a damn, you can hear a rat piss on cotton.

Should I point out – this is a nation of meat eating hunters, (meat comes from animals) and perhaps our love of dogs – was just an excuse to drag Mick Vick thru ….

Politics, sports, entertainment – the issue of someone/something/some industry/some president/some head coach being given the nod, the wink-wink, winkedy wink, that exist, make no doubt about.