Standouts Alou, Alomar Among Nominees For Black Ice And Sports Hall Of Fame

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: May 13, 2008

NOVA SCOTIA – The 2008 Black Ice Hockey And Sports Hall Of Fame Advisory Committee announced the nominees for the third Black Ice Hockey And Sports Hall of Fame under the category of baseball and softball. A total of 23 players have been nominated.

A maximum of four baseball/softball players will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at this year’s second Black Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame Conference scheduled for August 15-16, 2008 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. The nominees are:

1. Alex Ross*, Northern Michigan , 1887-1889 2. Ollie Johnson*, The Cuban Giants, 1916 3. John Joseph Evans*, Walker House, 1927 4. Jimmy “Seabiscuit” Wilkes*, Newark Eagles, 1945 5. John Wright, Montreal Royals, 1946 6. Fred Thomas*, Wilkes-Barre Indians, 1948 7. Sam Bankhead, Manager, Farnham Pirates, 1951 8. Luther “Shanty” Clifford, Brantford Red Sox, 1951 9. Rollie Miles, (Manitoba-Sask League,) Regina Caps, 1953 10. Tom Alston, (Western Canada League) St. Louis Cardinals, 1954 11. Willie “Curly” Williams , Carman and Lloydminster, 1955 12. John Kennedy (Western Canada League),Philadelphia Philllies, 1957 13. Pumpsie Green (Western Canada League), Boston Red Sox, 1959 14. Don Buford, (Western Canada League) , Chicago White Sox, 1963 15. Felipe Alou, Montreal Expos, 1973 16. Tony Fernandez, Toronto Blue Jays, 1984 17. George Bell, Toronto Blue Jays, 1984 18. Rob Ducey*, Toronto Blue Jays, 1987 20. Roberto Alomar, Toronto Blue Jays, 1990 21. Nigel Wilson*, Florida Marlins, 1993 22. Christine Parris-Washington*, Canadian Women’s Olympic Softball Team, 1996 23. Bobby Smith*, Umpire, Canadian Softball

*-Denotes Canadian

The 2008 Baseball/Softball Inductees will be announced on Thursday, May 15th. The third Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall Of Fame Conference scheduled for August 15-16, 2008, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada is designed to be a forum for the celebration, promotion, and understanding of the Black Athlete and his or her role in North American Society.

The Conference offers scholars and students of Black Sports History a chance to come together for the purposes of meeting and networking all the while engaging in intellectual dialogue through comparative discussions and scholarly debate on various topics pertaining to the history of Black Sports.

Topics may include, but are not limited to the Black experience in terms of individual athletes, their achievements and life histories, their struggles for self- identity, their gender, individual self-labor, the role of slavery and its impact on sports and individuals, the role of religion, the educational process, and Black nationalism.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame Conference is to lay the foundation for a permanent Black Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame in Nova Scotia in an effort to usher in a new era of ideas and discussions on the historic evolution of North American Sports and the important role that Black Men and Women have played in reshaping American and Canadian sporting cultures.