Poor Griffey Is He Trade Bait Or Old Or Both

Updated: May 16, 2008



Ken Griffey do we still

call him JUNIOR is in

the news again if you

call it news that is

There is the “story” about pennies. The “story” about his sloppy play and being benched. The “story” about the long wait for his 600th HomeRun. The “story” about his age. The “story” about him being traded. Add it all up and it might make HALF a story.

But that is what we do well in the Box – along with so much else – have fun taking bits and pieces and weaving them into something else. Ken Griffey has gotten his fair share of Boxes and maybe more over the last 6 years beginning with his waning days in Seattle followed by his troubled turn in Cincinnati.

As for today first the pennies. Apparently Griffey made some unidentified bet with a teammate which Ken lost requiring him to pay Josh Fogg $1500. Using one of those perennial loser moves Griffey paid him in pennies. 150,000 pennies in 60 boxes weighting 16 pounds each which he filled Fogg’s locker with. Yes it was actually run as a story in a variety of media. Wish there was more to it but there isn’t.

On to Griffey’s poor play in the Outfield. Seems Griffey dropped a routine fly ball last Monday night in a game against Florida allowing the Marlins to score two unearned runs that inning. On Tuesday Manager Dusty Baker benched Griffey claiming it was just as chance for Ken to rest and nothing more. We wish there was more to this story but there isn’t. Same with the story of Griffey’s long awaited 600th HomeRun. He hasn’t hit one since April 23rd leaving him stuck at 597 HRs. We wish there was more to it but there isn’t.

Then there is Griffey’s age 38 which seemed to have crept up on him. Meaning he will soon be 40. Meaning that at his rather lackluster level of play and his history of injuries since arriving in Cincinnati. It means Griffey is reaching the Twilight of his career in Baseball. Nobody is building the future of the Reds around him. That’s all there is to that story except it brings us to the last item that has been getting Ken Ink on various Sports pages. Both those in the Real World and those here in CyberSpace.

Seems the Reds have what they think is a White Hot ( get the pun ) prospect in their Minors an Outfielder who they don’t have a roster spot for but would if Ken says Bye Bye. To where ?? All the talk is back to the scene of his Glory Days the days when it was almost certain Ken would become the Greatest Home Run Hitter maybe the Greatest Player of all time. Back to Seattle and the Mariners.

Except Ken at 38 and fading is not Ken at 28 and rising. And there does not seen to be any excitement in the Emerald City – otherwise known as Seattle – for trading to get Griffey back. Even if Griffey approve it which his contract allows him to decide.

At the same time there is the theory going “home” not his real home which is Cincinnati would revitalize Griffey and the Mariner fans would fall back in love with him. Again there really isn’t much of a story here but its been making the Sports media rounds.

So what do you get when

you combine 150,000

pennies a day off 597

Home Runs one 38

year old player and

the city of Seattle

nothing more or

less than the

return of the

Black Box

LIVE again

after more than

one week “off ”