Part 3 Kentucky Derby Beat The Odds Go Pyro Go

Updated: May 2, 2008


Too bad Barack Obama doesn’t know or care Pyro will be ridden by a Black Jockey If he did he would have chosen Pyro to WIN the Run for the Roses. Instead Obama made Pyro his SECOND choice. Who is advising this guy anyway ? Here in the Box we do not suffer from bad advice. IT’S PYRO ALL THE WAY HERE. Nothing trumps the possibility the FIRST Black Jockey since Jimmy Winkfield ( pictured above ) in 1902 ….

….. can WIN the Kentucky Derby For those soft on math IF a Black Jockey WINS the Derby it will be the first time in 106 years. GO PYRO GO. His jockey is Shaun Bridgemohan. Shaun may be Jamaican but he is Black as his horse. Anyway Jamaicans are just as African as African Americans. Many of them came over on the same Slave Ships that made stops in both North America and the Caribbean. They were all British colonies and ships.

Back to the Big Race PYRO began as the FAVORITE weeks ago but his star has faded a bit since he lost some big pre-Derby races. Depending on last minute betting that may change the equation in his favor right now Pyro is 6-1. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. If you live in a state or if off-shore in a country with legalized horse wagering PLACE A BET ON PYRO. For the first time EVER the Black Box is predicting a horse race. PYRO WILL WIN.

So along with everything else we do for our readers. We are now going to make you some easy money. Bet $100 and “earn” $600 for yourself Saturday. Not bad. Better yet put down $1000 and by Saturday evening have an extra $6000 in your pocket. It gets better.

Go bet $10,000 and by Saturday evening you will be $60,000 richer. Without working on Saturday as you leisurate instead make money for “free.” To make a point even better to bet $1,000,000 on Pyro and BLACK jockey Shaun Bridgemohan if you are able because you will WIN $ 6,000,000 for yourself ! WOW !!

The BASN legal department requires this Disclaimer Please be advised that the Black Box is not in anyway stating that you are guaranteed to win by betting on a particular horse. Many different factors can impact the results of any race and it is therefore impossible to predict with perfect certainty the outcome of a contest between horses racing around a track.

Any wagering by readers of the Black Box are at your own discretion. And neither is Black Athlete Sports Network nor the Black Box in anyway responsible for the personal decisions nor the risks taken by our readers. Further minors be warned that under no circumstances is it legal for you to bet on horse races. Further it must be stated that unauthorized wagering not sanctioned by government is prohibited no matter your age. And that whenever placing a wager on horse races always do so responsibly. If you suffer from an uncontrollable wagering problem seek immediate medical attention.

Got all that NOW go out AND BET ON PYRO and more than that the ONLY Black Jockey in the Kentucky Derby Shaun Bridgemohan GO PYRO GO win some $$$$ here we come our local OTB Kentucky Derby THE SUPER-OFFICIAL DERBY POSTER ( IN HONOR OF PYRO & HIS JOCKEY )