Part 2 Kentucky Derby We Want Our Museum

Updated: May 1, 2008


There are times when it does not pay to be nice that’s probably most of the time as Barack Obama learned from the Witch and her Warlock you know who he is ( aren’t those Clintons such a nice couple sucking Black blood ) So with lessons learned it is time to turn to the matter of FINALLY honoring the outstanding African Americans who made the Kentucky Derby FAMOUS in its early days and who they and their successors would have done continuously right up to now IF Black Americans had not been kicked out of the Derby and horse racing.

There is a plan even call it a movement For a Museum and equestrian center dedicated to the African American experience in horse racing and centered around the early years of the Kentucky Derby. To be built right near Lexington Kentucky. It even has a name a great name The Isaac Murphy Equestrian Center. THERE IS ONLY ONE PROBLEM. No one wants to contribute the rather modest $15 Million to build it. If we lived in a noble society – fat chance for sure – the White Racing Elite would pay for it indeed raise enough to make it even twice as good.

YES pay for their SIN OF RACISM.

Over generations and very much right up to today and it appears long into the future destroying a formerly vibrant African American horse racing community and legacy. WHY doesn’t America even just horse racing loving Americans know anything about Isaac Murphy for example. Murphy won the Derby in 1884, 1890, and 1891. Or that Murphy was the TOP U.S. rider of all in 1884 among his exploits winning the Derby, the Oaks and the Clark Handicap, 3 famous races of the day, in the same meeting at Churchill Downs.

Let’s NOT forget The equally legendary Jimmy Winkfield the LAST African American jockey to win the Kentucky Derby winning consecutively in 1901 and 1902. The reality is BLACK jockeys won 15 of the first 28 Kentucky Derbies. WHO KNOWS. That is the problem. NOBODY knows. And as far as those who kicked African Americans out of the Sport those alive today and their grandfathers and great great (sic) grandfathers. It is fine with them.

More reason still for building Isaac Murphy Equestrian Center There is a movement it is named the Project to Preserve African American Turf History. Just don’t ask us for the Website. They apparently don’t have one yet or anything else so far. But they have a DREAM led by one Bobbie Gallup of Columbia, Tennessee it seems.

All those involved can only be congratulated for what so far is a quixotic effort. That is why we recommend GUILT as a tactic for raising funds for the Center. The Racing Establishment is GUILTY of ending the tremendous success of African Americans in horse racing the least they can do with their riches beyond imagination is pay for the GUILT with a fund raising drive to raise $15 Million and more for this Museum and Equestrian Center.

If some of our readers say right DREAM on and on when has White America ever paid for the sin of RACISM others have been very successful in gaining compensation for collective GUILT for atrocities against them but all Black Americans get is more GRIEF when seeking fair compensation for Wrongs in Horse Racing and all other Pursuits past abuses and current now it’s time to show us the $$ Isaac Murphy LEGENDARY ISAAC MURPHY