Nominees Announced for Black Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: May 5, 2008

NOVA SCOTIA — The 2008 Black Ice Hockey And Sports Hall Of Fame Advisory Committee have announced the nominees for the third Black Ice Hockey And Sports Hall of Fame under the category of Ice Hockey. A total of 27 players and four teams have been nominated.

A maximum of eight ice hockey players and two teams will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at this year’s third Black Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame Conference scheduled for August 15-16, 2008 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. The 2008 Ice Hockey Inductees will be announced on May 15th. The 2008 Ice Hockey Nominees Are:

The Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes 1894 to 1930 James “Cut” Brown – Dartmouth Jubilees – born Sept 1, 1860 William A. Flint – Dartmouth Jubilees – born Nov. 1, 1872 Charles Borden – Dartmouth Jubilees born Jan 5, 1875 Oscar Clyke – Truro Victorias – born April 27, 1881 Charles Allison – Halifax Eurekas – born June 27, 1882 Lewis Mills – Halifax Eurekas – born Aug. 24, 1882 William H. Clyke – Truro Victorias – born Feb 10, 1883 Oliver Mills – Halifax Eurekas – born Nov. 25, 1883 Fredrick Carvery -Africville Sea Sides – born Feb. 20, 1884

Team Nominations 1894 to 1930

Dartmouth Jubilees 1894 – 1895 – One of the founding teams of the Colored Hockey League Henry “Braces” Franklyn -Forward/Goal (Team Captain) ,Thomas “Tommy” Tynes, Jr. -Forward/Cover Point , Charles Borden -Forward/Point , John “Cut” Brown -Forward , Charles Flint -Forward , F. Flint -Point, B. Green -Cover Point , R. Reilly -Forward

HalifaxEurekas 1903 – 1903 Colored League Champions Agustus “Gus” Adams -Forward, George Adams -Forward/Cover Point/Center Herbert W. Allison -Goal, George “Charlie” Tolliver – Point/Forward William “Harry” A. Flint -Goal/Point, Adolphus Francis Skinner -Team Captain George Taylor -Cover Point, James A. R. Kinney -Team Manager Halifax Eurekas 1904 – 1904 Colored League Champions Walter Saunders -Forward, George Adams -Forward/Cover Point/Center, Herbert W. Allison -Goal, George “Charlie” Tolliver – Point/Forward, John Mansfield -Sub, Adolphus Francis Skinner -Team Captain, George Taylor -Cover Point – Team Captain after Skinner leaves team, Laurence Saunders -Sub, James A. R. Kinney -Team Manager Truro Sheiks 1930 – 1930 Colored Hockey League Champions Edward “Eddie” Clyke, Stanley “Buster” Clyke , Joe Paris St. Claire ( Pansy) Byard, Lloyd Talbot, Wilfred Jordan Palmer Jordan, Ansel Clyke, Frederick “Ted” Dorrington ,Walter Simmonds Clyke , Team Manager: Joe Paris Nova Scotia Hockey 1919 to 1935 William “Billy” Oliver – Acadia University, 1933-34 Jack Desmond -Africville Brown Bombers,1932-35 Freeman Johnson -Africville Brown Bombers, 1932-35 Harold Colley -Africville Brown Bombers, 1932-35 Elmer Jones -Africville Brown Bombers, 1932-35 Vic Jones -Africville Brown Bombers, 1932-35 Gordon Jemmott -Africville Brown Bombers, 1932-35 George Adams -Africville Brown Bombers, 1936 Frank Adams -Africville Brown Bombers, 1936

Professional Hockey 1934 to Present Russell Voelz – Minneapolis Colored Monarchs, 1934 Dirk Graham -Chicago Black Hawks, NHL Julius Halfkenny – Washington Capitals, NHL Larry Marson – Ohio State University Ray Neufeld -Hartford Whalers, NHL Claude Vilgrain -New Jersey Devils, NHL Peter Worrell- Florida Panthers, NHL

Mike Grier – San Jose Sharks, NHL George Laraque -Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL Women’s Ice Hockey La Toya Clarke, University of Minnesota, 2000-2004 Nikki Petrich, Northeastern University , 2004-2008 The 3rd Black Ice Hockey and Sports Hall Of Fame Conference scheduled for August 15-16, 2008, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada is designed to be a forum for the celebration, promotion, and understanding of the Black Athlete and his or her role in North American Society.

The Conference offers scholars and students of Black Sports History a chance to come together for the purposes of meeting and networking all the while engaging in intellectual dialogue through comparative discussions and scholarly debate on various topics pertaining to the history of Black Sports.

Topics may include, but are not limited to the Black experience in terms of individual athletes, their achievements and life histories, their struggles for self- identity, their gender, individual self-labor, the role of slavery and its impact on sports and individuals, the role of religion, the educational process, and Black nationalism.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame Conference is to lay the foundation for a permanent Black Hockey and Sports Hall of Fame in Nova Scotia in an effort to usher in a new era of ideas and discussions on the historic evolution of North American Sports and the important role that Black Men and Women have played in reshaping American and Canadian sporting cultures.